January 1, 2018

Twisted Circus Festival 2018

Let us Usher in 2018 in Style at The Twisted Circus Festival!

Just like all the other years, December 2017 has been a fun-filled month with some of the greatest events to celebrate sports and the different music genres. But anyways, what would life be without all these festivals and events? We all need a little fun to divert our attention from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Plus, most people only celebrate main events such as Christmas and New Year Eve; and as Christmas events come to an end, all people are thinking and planning for New Year events and how they’ll usher in the year 2018. Now, if you are in the United Kingdom, you shouldn’t let December 31, 2017, go by without enjoying the Twisted Circus NYE Festival that is going down at the O2 Forum Kentish Town, London. All event goers are assured of being taken into the event horizon by the fun, charm and the exciting circus acts. All the performances will be live on the stage; these freaky actions by the twisted circus band will define the evening of Saturday, 30th December 2017.

The fantastic twisted circus acts will range from twisted aerialists and orchestrated swinging and more daring performances such as daredevils and the incredible knife swallowing. All these acts will definitely elicit shock and awe among the fans. To ensure the energy and excitement are maintained, there will be popcorns, colorful decorations, confetti drops as well as LED screens. So, why would anyone in London or Europe miss the event when the organizers have organized New Year celebrations like no other? Additionally, if you are not so active on social media and haven’t heard or seen posts concerning the twisted circus at the o2, then the event app is the way to go! If you search for New Year celebration near me or London Festival events, the twisted circus NYE 2017 should be among your top search results. You can also search for the event on Pictcha app and find as many photos and videos as you want posted by real participants of the london festival. Pictcha is the only social network available to event lovers to share and view events they like. Search for the events you want to decide to attend or not and view the event posts to see how the atmosphere is. Pictcha will picture all events for you.

If you are still not convinced on why you should attend the twisted circus New Year’s Eve, then you should know that this is one of the best London events and this year, O2 Forum Kentish Town, London is playing host. The event center is just the perfect place for hosting such a glamorous and thrilling event. Apart from the incredible onstage twisted circus Halloween performances, there is a lineup which includes a number of resident DJs who will ready all attendees for the new month of January 2018. The Disc jokers will entertain the attendees with excellent twisted circus music that has formed the musical foundation of the twisted circus event over the years. Additionally, the event is not identified by a specific music genre; different categories are played including RnB, Club classics, hip-hop and party anthems. The diversestyles accommodate the tastes and preferences of the various event goers.


The twisted circus happy New Year celebration allows you to get a place in the event center that has a capacity of more than 1800 people but still get a chance to enjoy the thrilling and breathtaking twisted circus London acts and performances on stage.Do not hesitate to install Pictcha app and share your nice moments with friends and other fans. The varied music will also get everyone in the dancing mood. Most importantly, what is a New Year celebration without the countdown extravaganza? Well, you can expect it at the midnight of December 31, 2017. Therefore, in your event planning for New Year celebrations, you better include the NYE festival 2017.

Now, it is evident that the most popular events in Europe require all attendees to purchase tickets beforehand. Although this is standard practice, most people are caught unawares and therefore fail to secure tickets. In the century we are living in, it is good to keep track of all events in Europe via social media or the event app. By using the Pictcha app, you can locate all festival events near me, events today or events this weekend. For instance, there is a twisted circus NYE London Facebook page where fans are updated on what to expect and how to get the tickets. If you don’t want to be among people who always find the tickets sold-out, this is the time to purchase your regular or VIP tickets. The regular tickets go for as little as £20 while the VIP ones go for only£35. The higher price of the lattertickets is because they offer an opportunity for a private brand and a seating position where one can get a perfect view of the main stage.

Apart from the tickets, the twisted circus NYE also provides an opportunity for table booking; each table can only accommodate six people. The tables are hired at £100, and they will be reserved from around 9pm to 4am on the day of the twisted circus event. Note that the price doesn’t include drinks. However, getting a table allows you to avoid queuing and instead gain entrance to the NYE dance festival through the table reservation line. One more important detail is that the event organizers have already set the dress code. All people are required to look stylish and smart and avoid wearing sports outfits, trainers, casual wear and ripped or baggy jeans.

As the year 2017 comes to a close, there are more festivals 2018 that are happening in January starting with the Farewell Christmas event on Saturday 6th January 2018 at Geffrye Musem London, UK. Another event to look forward to is the Can Graphic Design Save your Life exhibition at Bloomsbury. However, the most significant event in early 2018 is the twisted circus Birmingham that will be held on 30th March 2018. The good news is that you don’t have to memorize all these events or their venues. The event app will remind you of all the events near me today, an event near me and all NYE festivals 2018. Meanwhile, let’s all meet at, O2 Forum Kentish Town, London for the New Year celebrations. Pictcha has removed the distance between event fans and favorite events, just install Pictcha and search for your favorite event and never miss any event anymore. Do not forget to share your beautiful moments in Pictcha with friends.



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