February 6, 2018

The Rock Boat 2018 Festival

Imagine you’re in the middle of an ocean asking yourself…!
“what are the events around me?”, or to be more precise “what are the festivals near me?” Hold on a second! Is that even possible? Right in the middle of the ocean? Well, this might actually seem like a joke if you are not familiar with The Rock Boat 2018. Yes! You got it right! There is a music festival that has taken the events in US to the next level. The Rock Boat is the world’s greatest floating rock music festival, and at some points, it takes place on a cruise ship in the middle of nowhere, where all you can see across the horizon is water! It’s a perfect opportunity for families and friends and rock music lovers to get together, discover new songs from their favorite artists, have fun and experience an extraordinary vacation with infinite memories that can be shared in Pictcha the social network of event lovers, Pictcha is a free IOS app to share moments of a party, concert, festival, sport game, birthday or any other get together. So if you’re looking for some neat events to follow in 2018, you can surely find The Rock Boat XVIII – New Orleans, LA among the most popular events in USA. Well, unless you live outside United States of America for which you need to look for other festivals like Europe events February 2018.

The Rock Boat Atlanta origins go back to the year 2001. The concept was formed as the result of a joint venture from Sister Hazel, a Gainesville, Florida-based alternative rock band and Atlanta, Georgia travel company, Sixthman. The first festival was held aboard the Carnival Jubilee; a partial charter from Sixthman. During that trip, Sister Hazel was accompanied by the band Dexter Freebish and 400 of their fans. That year, the ship sailed from Tampa, Florida to Cozumel, Mexico, and the bands delivered one performance during the trip. Following the first festival, the concept got bigger and took the form of an annual event, featuring even more bands and artists in later years. Also, destinations were expanded to places such as Mexico, Bhamas, Nassau, Turks and Caicos, and Jamaica. Sister Hazel has been the only host of the events so far, and they have invited many musicians to be part of the show. The venue for each event usually has 5 or 6 stages. Performances usually start at noon and will last until about dawn as many performers stay on stage more than their prepared schedules. The entire Rock Boat trip is a 5 night cruise during which the ship usually meets two destinations, while usually spending two full days in open waters.

The event can be viewed as an annual Sister Hazel tour. By getting on every Rock Boat, people have the chance to listen to some sister hazel albums besides the works of other bands and artists and any other Rock Boat song. The band Play two of their popular and renowned songs, “Sister Hazel all for you” and “Sister Hazel change your mind”, in their gigs.

The last Rock Boat Sister Hazel event, The Rock Boat XVII, was onboard Norwegian Cruise Line Jade which left Tampa, Florida on February 10, 2017, and sailed to Harvest Caye, Belize, and Costa Maya, Mexico. The Rock Boat 2017 lineup included 37 bands and artists, among which Dexter Freebish were also present. Follow all interesting facts about this event in Pictcha app the app of event fans.

As for The Rock Boat XVIII, Sister Hazel did the event announcement back on May 24th, 2017 by introducing the Rock Boat 2018 lineup. This event is a special one in festivals 2018. Among all bands and artists, the most notable are: Barenaked Ladies, Cowboy Mouth, Cruise, Drew Holcomb, Georgia Flood, Larkin Poe, Melodime, Music Festival, Need To Breathe, The Dead South, The Rock Boat, Wild Adriatic, and Will Hoge. So, with the Rock Boat lineup arranged like this, winter 2018 will be one to remember!

The Rock Boat 2018 marks the 18th Rock Boat event, and Starts on January 30, 2018, and here’s the event horizon: Norwegian Pearl, the ship that hosts all the fun, will begin its cruise from the port of New Orleans, LA at 5:30pm on Tuesday, Jan 30. On Wednesday, the Rock Boat will have a full-day cruise in the ocean with all the great songs being performed live on its 5+ stages. The Rock Boat theme nights are one of the most interesting parts of the festival as every night will bring unique and dazzling looks and appearances to the people on board! Do not miss posts by event particpants in Pictcha app and if you are present t the venue share the event photos and videos live at pictcha app so that other friends and fans can feel the atmosphere of the event too.On Thursday, February 1, the ship will reach Progreso, Mexico at approximately 8 AM. On the morning of next day, Norwegian Pearl arrives at Cozumel Mexico where passengers can enjoy activities such as fishing, snorkeling, and diving under the Mexican sun. If you don’t like to spend time at the beach, you can head to town and explore local shops and restaurants, and then find yourself in an evening full of music on your return to the boat. On Saturday, February 3, the ship will be out in the ocean on its return trip to New Orleans port while keeping up all the music excitement on all stages. Finally, the cruise will end on Sunday, February 4, 2018 as the ship reaches New Orleans at approximately 8 AM. That would be the end of one of the best music festival lineups 2018. The Rock boat cost depends on the type of room you book on the ship. The range of choices includes small interior rooms to spacious penthouses and owner’s suites.

People who decide to attend the floating festival should organize their trip through event apps as they are recommended to arrive in the event center, New Orleans port in New Orleans, Louisiana, at about 12 PM on January 31. Many Rock Boat fans are expected to free up their calendar to catch on Rock Boat 2018 dates.

No matter what you look for when searching for a pleasant vacation experience, whether it be “what are the events near me today?”, “what are the events this weekend?”, or “what are the events today?” the Rock Boat XVIII will catch the eye. With a 5 night cruise and dozens of bands and artists playing on stage for craving rock fans, the Rock Boat XVIII will one of the greatest events among international events 2018, unmatched by any other. So if you feel like getting aboard, do your event planning in advance and get your luggage ready to hit one of the best of February events 2018. Pictcha app has came to remove the distance between events and fans, so download the app and enjoy your favorite events. Do not forget to share your moments of the events in Pictcha app the social network of event lovers.


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