November 30, 2017

The Montreal Bach Festival 2017

Come and Experience the Great Works of Johann Bach.

If you are using your event finder to search for the top world events in November 2017, then you must have noticed a number of great musical and cultural events. However, once you narrow down your search to Canada events November 2017 or events around me, one event will get your attention; the Montreal Bach Festival 2017. Just so you know, the festival falls in the list of the many annual events that are held in the USA either to celebrate culture, music or other interesting aspects of the American society. Additionally, by searching for Canada events calendar or Montreal events today in any search engine, you will get numerous results for Canada events and Montreal events respectively depending on the search dates you key in. However, do not be confused if the same event falls in Canada events December 2017.The festival features exciting musical performances from top-notch performers in the world. People who haven’t heard of this event as part of the top music festivals 2017, USA before may get confused while trying to trace the origins of its name. If you are not familiar with the event and so will not attend this year event, you may check the event posts in Pictcha the social network of event lovers. Participants of the event will share real time photos and videos of the event for other fans to be able to follow the event and feel the atmosphere. So search for the event in Pictcha app and see live conversation of fans and participants, live posts from the event and many other interesting details about the event you may find nowhere else. Pictcha will picture any favorite event for you.

The festival is held to celebrate the best music composer Johann Sebastian Bach, a renowned German composer whose music has found a place in Montreal; his timeless music has left so much to be admired. The event therefore brings together choirs, orchestras and solo performances from all over the world; together, they create one of the best music festivals in Canada. Now, you may be wondering when and how the brilliant idea of holding the event came from; for starters, the Bach festival of Montreal began in the year 2005 with great performances from music legends such as Musica Antiqua, Frieder Bernius and Klaus Mertens. The primary goal of organizing the event was to celebrate the times of the legendary Bach Composer. Additionally, the event was to be held annually while featuring performances from some of the best music artists from Canada and other parts of the world.

Montreal Canadians have always attended the event faithfully since its inception; the high attendance has reinstated the standing of Montreal, Canada as a cultural metropolis which appreciates both baroque and classical music; the high attendance of the prior years can truly attest to this fact. Plus, why would anyone in Montreal miss an event close to them? It is just a matter of using the event finder again to search for events today, events this week, events near me or music festival this weekend. Let us focus on the Montreal Bach Festival 2016 which was the 10th edition of the festival and thrilling performances were showcased at Salle Bourgie Hall. The stage witnessed some of the best musicians including Sergei Babyan who performed classical music. The highlight of the event was the performance by Minor Mass accompanied by Trinity Wall Street under the direction of Julian Wachner. The event also showcased performances by KonstatinLifschitz, a Pianist and OrchestreSymphonique de Montreal together with the St. Matthew’s Passion. For many fans, the best performance was with no doubt that of Yo-Yo Ma with a series of cello solo suites. The reviews and event photography of the event, speak volumes of the thrill and glam that characterized last year’s event.

This year’s Montreal Bach festival marks the 11th edition of the music festival. Just like the years past, fans can expect more than 30 concerts of Bach music and other incredible performances of great composers in each of the event centers set out for the event. This year has been interesting for music fans as they have been treated to Bach festival Amsterdam in March, Bach festival Lepzing in June, Bach festival Seattle in October. We have just had the American music awards 2017 at the Microsoft theatre in Los Angeles and now; we are headed to Montreal for the annual Bach festival. Just like all the other Bach festivals, we can expect to have good music from the Bach trumpet, trombones, flugelhorns, cornets, mouthpieces and other musical instruments. All these instruments are available in a music store near you; just visit one and you’ll have an idea of what we are talking about. The event can become more clear in Pictcha cause the app will cover any aspect of the event for you and by Pictcha you’ll engage with the event like you’re there.

Now, if you aren’t around the USA, be sure to be back by Monday27 November 2017 to witness a performance by Musici de Montreal at the Bourgie Hall. You have probably never heard of the Canadian Chamber Orchestra; well, it is comprised of 15 music artists who perform a wide range of repertoire ranging from baroque to the contemporary. If you have checked the program for Bach festival 2017, you must have noticed a catchy performance going by the name “the romantic Era and the Reformation”scheduled for 28 November 2017 by Julian Pregardien and Tamar Halperien. Julian is a German concert singer who has graced popular events internationally; this is not the last performance for Julian as he will be having a working musical session at the Conservatoire de Musique de Montréal on 29 November 2017. However, if you decide to visit the event center at Bon-Pasteur Historical Chapel, you will meet the great SerhiySalov. Tamar is a versatile Israeli pianist and harpsichordist who plays both baroque and contemporary music. She has played Bach music before at the Baroque Christophoruskirchein 2011. If you want to experience more baroque and renaissance music, then be at Bourgie Hall at 7.30 p.m. on 30 November 2017 and watch the Ensemble Jacques Moderne choir.

The best thing about festival Bach a Montreal 2017 is that all event details and scheduled performances are clearly organized in their website www.festivalbachmontreal.com , and also you can have the full details of the event on the Pictcha event description page. The event is also receiving lots of love in social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. If you have checked their event line-up already, you can notice that Clavecin en Concert and Antje Weithaas will be performing on 1 December 2017 and December 2, 2017 respectively. It is easy to postpone the purchase of tickets to December 4 2017. Unfortunately, the show will have ended because on December 3, 2017, there will be a closing concert at Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church. The Ensemble Caprice and Studio de MusiqueAncienne de Montreal are some of the highlights of the evening. By clicking on the dates of each winter 2017 event, there is an opportunity to purchase online tickets which you have to print if you are to gain entry into any event center.

The other good news is that music festivals 2017 in the US are not coming to an end just because we are coming to the end of winter 2017 events. There are so many exciting events scheduled for next year that will keep music fans entertained. Some of the music festivals 2018 to expect include the Coachella and South By South West. Just remember to keep an event calendar so that you can be updated on all best music events in the United States of America, Europe and other global arenas. A much more easier way is to install Pictcha and take a look at the app’s home page, you’ll encounter many hot trending events according to your location and interests. Let Pictcha take you to your favorite events. Here is the link for app download from appstore:


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