December 17, 2017

Techno Music Festival 2017

To Experience the Rare Touch of Techno Music, Come to Festival!

The best thing about Europe events is that they never seem to end. There will always be an upcoming event whether its sport, music or culture related. That means, that no one can complain of boredom when there are numerous annual events to attend all through the year. Now, this December 2017, your event finder should help you find any “event near me” or any other upcoming 2017 events around you. If you cannot seem to narrow down your search in the event finder, then the different social media platforms will alert you that something big is coming down; that is none other but the i love techno music event that takes place in Montpellier, France. Pictcha is so much different from others as it gives you a full album of the event and make you sure to attend. Participants of each event share their real time posts in Pictcha event page and make the event atmosphere clear for you, so use Pictcha to decide which events to attend. The event brings together renowned national and international Deejays. The ongoing event sharing is bound to attract more followers to the winter 2017 event. However, if you use search terms such as i love techno Belgium 2017or I love techno Ghent, you will be redirected to the i love techno 2017 festival that has found a home in a new event center in France. In Pictcha you will encounter the 2018 event page as Pictcha didn’t exist at the last event, there in Pictcha event description page you’ll find details like venue location, start time and other necessary info about the event. Search for any thing you may not know about the events in Pictcha.

The festival debuted in 1995 in Belgium with only 700 attendees. However, the event grew to include more than 40,000 visitors coming from most parts of Europe.  As years went by the event goers reduced to around 24,000 forcing the event holders to choose a new event center that is Montpellier, France from 2015.The relocation came after I love techno annulé in 2014. The event organizers blamed the situation on the inclusion of dub-step and electro genres; the new categories had changed the whole I love techno idea. Therefore, i love techno 2016was held in the southern city of France and the event photography clearly depicts the enthusiasm and excitement of fans as the DJs spanned the decks. The 2016 event headliners included Ben Klock, a techno artist from Germany, Marcel Dettman, Laurent Garnier and Dave Clarke, an electronic music Deejay. This event is seen as one of the largest techno music festivals in Europe. It also features dance music awards commonly known as the Elektropedia Awards; these are excellence prizes awarded to artists who have excelled in dance music genres.

Let’s talk about I love techno line up 2017 that starts on 16-Dec-17at the Montpellier Exhibition Center. The performances are expected to last ten hours from 6.00 pm of the 16th to 6.00 am of Dec-17. That means that it will be a whole night of incredible performances by more than 15 I love techno artists. Once you login into I love techno music website, you will realize that the different artists are scheduled to perform in different rooms of the event center; There is a red room, green room and a blue room. Some of the headliners of the dance music 2017 event include Jeff Mills, Boris Brejcha, Sam Paganini, Rødhåd and Paul Kalkbrenner. Sam Paganini is one I love techno DjItalian sensation. He has produced albums that have dominated the Beatport Techno top 10 for months. If you want to catch his breathtaking performance, be at the Blue room early enough.

Rødhåd is the other artist that you cannot afford to miss. His powerful and deep style of delivering techno and house music is to die for. Apart from i love techno France, Rødhåd will also be performing at I love techno Amsterdam on 29thDecember 2017. The event is commonly known as the 909 techno festival. Boris Brejcha has also thrilled fans in many exciting Europe events. He is well known for techno and Electronic dance music genres. Boris is expected to perform on the New Year’s Eve at the HYTE in Berlin; this being his home place, it is only natural for him to have excited fans in other top I love techno Berlin events. Speaking of Jeff Mills, he is a legendary I love techno gent who is linked to the formation of a techno collective known as Underground Resistance. He has also featured in a techno music documentary. Since he has a long experience in techno music, fans can expect to see him using three decks, a drum machine and close to 70 records in just 60 minutes; interesting right? He and the other artists will bring all fans to the event horizon.

With all the mentioned headliners and many other dance music artists, most fans are exhilarated at attending one of the top world events featuring numerous I love techno albums. Plus, why would anyone miss an event that falls in the category of the best music festivals France. Let’s first help you get some tickets to Montpellier Exhibition Center, Pérols, France. There are two types of tickets: General and VIP tickets. The former is priced at 38.50 £ while the latter goes for 65£. The VIP tickets obviously come with extra advantages such as access to the VIP bar and a special viewing area for events in the Red room. The tickets can be bought directly from i love techno music website or through Ticketmaster and Digitick.

I love techno music 2017 event does not mark the end to music festivals 2017 because there are more techno events in countries such as Netherlands and many more in 2018. All you have to do is use your event finder to find all the top music festivals 2018. The event finder is for sure Pictcha app as it contains all photos and videos posted by participants of the event and let you sense the event as you were present at the venue. Pictcha has came to remove the distance between events and fans and Pictcha is with you to picture all events for you.

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