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November 25, 2017

Senior U23 World Championships

This November brings along new world championships!World championships in wrestling competition for the first time in November 2017. The top sports event’s excitement cannot be achieved without a participation of different nationalities’ fans on November 21 – 26, 2017 in Bydgoszcz, Poland. United world wrestling 2017, actually, is a universally organized competition in a popular national sport. Accordingly, this challenge can give the athletes opportunities to serve as good wrestling model and be organized for making a helpful contribution to their nations.

Particularly, every country is sending a proficient group of athletes to compete with several nations at the U23 World Championships in Bydgoszcz, Poland, Nov. 21-26. It will be the first united world wrestling 2017 U23 among World Championships, which highlights 18-23-year-old competitors in the three Olympic preparations.

Daton Fix, an American wrestler, has an abundance of worldwide experience, having wrestled in two Junior World Championships and two Cadet World Championships. From that, he has achieved a 2017 Junior World gold, 2016 Junior World bronze, and a 2015 Cadet World bronze. Side by side Fix, there are three different wrestlers, who have earned age-assemble World medals, including Mitchell McKee, Joey McKenna, and Sam Brooks.

The first origin of the establishment of wrestling goes back to the ages of the Sumerians, a very long time ago. The well-known Epic of Gilgamesh which is written in the cuneiform language, several figures and models represent various sources that uncover the main judged rivalries, joined by music.

There are, likewise, numerous recorded and archeological hints of wrestling in Ancient times all over the world in different civilizations such as Egypt, Greece, Persia, and etc. Among them, it is good to specify and refer to some symbols and illustrations found in the tombs and historical places indicating hundreds of men are wrestling based on specific rules and policies in ancient Egypt.

For the Greeks, wrestling was a divine art and an awesome workmanship, and it was an important task to prepare young fellows for the most vital situations.

Afterward, professional and modern wrestling started in France in early 19th century. Wrestlers who had no permission to enter the noble wrestling planned troupes that went around France demonstrating their talent and skills in wrestling. Soon after, in 1904, freestyle wrestling was first presented amid the St. Louis Games and was just debated by American wrestlers. Generally, it was simply in the midst of the fourth Olympic Games held in London in 1908 that rivalries were composed of the two styles.

Various legends molded the historical background of wrestling all around the world, therefore it is difficult to name them all. From this time, empowered by International Federation, wrestling created in every nation. Meanwhile, four wrestlers have profoundly changed the historical background of Modern Olympic Games by winning three Olympic titles, the Swedish Carl Westergren, who won gold medals in 1920, 1924, and in 1932, Ivor Johansson, and the two Russian wrestlers Alexandre Medved and Alexandre Karelin.

A hundred years after the presentation of freestyle wrestling in the Olympic Schedule, overall wrestling entered another period with the affirmation of female wrestling as an Olympic trainers on the event of the Athens Games in 2004. This choice is a piece of the approach of the International Olympic Committee that goes for setting up equality in sport and legitimized the endeavors made by FILA to support the improvement of female wrestling since the end of the 80s.

Finally, the U23 World Championships will occur this week in Bydgoszcz, Poland, highlighting a portion of the best 18-to-23-year old wrestler stars in every one of the three of the Olympic styles ,Greco-Roman and in addition, men’s and ladies’ freestyle. With this in mind, the official board of committee of United World Wrestling has reported the host urban areas for a few 2017 universal rivalries. This event will run Nov. 21-26. The event can easily be followed in Pictcha the new social network covering world interesting events. Install Pictcha and see the event feed full of top hot events happening in the world right now. You can also search for the events that has passed since events will never die in Pictcha and Pictcha will keep a historical archive of events full of photos and videos of the event that has been posted by participants. Pictcha will picture all events for you.

Subsequently, the U-23 World Championships take after on the achievement of the U-23 European Championships in 2016 where more than 400 wrestlers from 34 countries wrestled for the Continental gold. The turnout was ascribed to an aspiration by numerous national leagues to allow their best prospects to contend in an important alliance based title. Wrestling achievement tends to support the youthful, with the normal age of 2016 Olympic champion checking in at only 23.1 years of age for freestyle wrestling, 24.6 years in ladies’ wrestling and 27.5 years of age in Greco-Roman.


United World Wrestling president, Nenad Lalovic thinks there is a need to address the issues of the competitors, and the National Federations have approached them for this U-23 rivalry to help in the advancement of the young wrestlers. Besides, United World Wrestling committee is grateful to the Polish Wrestling Federation for their authority and anticipates a phenomenal World Championships in November. They aim to help developing the sport of wrestling around the world.

Take a moment to think about taking part in U23 world championships wrestling; because, you absolutely deserve to experience the most exciting and fun moments in the live sports event as a fan. If you’re attending the event right now do not hesitate to capture the most interesting moments and post them in Pictcha, cause many fans who couldn’t attend the event at the venue like to follow you posts and engage like they’re beside you. Picture all events you attend by Pictcha the social media of event lovers.

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