March 19, 2018

Saint Patrick’s Day 2018

How is Saint Patrick’s Day Celebrated all Around the World?

The Saint Patrick’s Day 2018 is also celebrated as the Feast of Saint Patrick. It is a religious, historical and cultural event that is held every year on the 17th day of March as the day the Saint Patrick died. The Saint is the most important patron saint of Ireland and the day has been celebrated since the early part of the 17th century, the celebration begins on the 17 March 2018. The day not only celebrates the arrival of Christianity in the country, but also the Irish culture. This is one of the most popular historical events around the world and henceforth you must not miss out this popular event from the many historical events 2018. Various venues are available to attend this cultural celebration but you may have no access to any of them the easiest way to track the event is by installing Pictcha app and view events feed in the app. Pictcha is full of events happening right now everywhere in the world. For every event there is a unique page full of posts shared by event participants.

The celebrations on the greatest events include the famous Saint Patrick’s Day parade, festivals, and wearing green clothes. In Irish and Scottish culture, there is a tradition of social visit that is referred to as ceilidh. During these visits Gaelic folk music is played at a community gathering or in homes. There is also a tradition of attending church services among certain sections of Christians.

When in Dublin, there are many Saint Patrick activities for you to engage in. The parade is the highlight with thousands taking to the streets. The festival parade begins at the Parnell Square at noon. You can also witness or become part of the St. Patrick’s Day Walking Tour that is led by a well-known historian. It passes through the city and ends at the St. Patrick’s Cathedral. You can also find event app that can help coordinate the tour with other participants and get event announcements. Pictcha app is the best event app you can find cause it is always updated by hot events happening right now every where i the world, and do not forget to share posts in Pictcha while attending events so let’s picture all events in pictcha app. Many buildings in the city are illuminated green for the day. Most of the buildings in The Croke Park can light up early. All these interesting happenings can be followed in Pictcha app. Pictcha has came to remove the distance between events and fans.

Birmingham has the largest Saint Patrick’s Day parade in the country. The main parade in the city can be more than 2 miles long and passes through the city’s centre. In fact, it is the third largest parade in the world. London has been celebrating the parade since 2002 and it is held on the weekends close to the 17th. It is almost always held at Trafalgar Square. Interestingly, on such event occasions even the Trafalgar Square fountains are turned green. So, when looking for cultural events around me do not miss out on this one and the many events to follow in 2018 later on.

Liverpool, with its high concentration of people with Irish background, has been celebrating the day for a long time. Besides the Saint Patrick’s Day parade, the city also holds cultural event horizon, and music festivals. Manchester starts celebrating its Irish festival a couple of weeks before the day.

Russia held the first Saint Patrick day back in 1992 and Moscow and other cities have had regular festivals every year since 1999. The Russians have added a unique touch to the events this weekend by holding a military-styled parade that looks like a carnival. On Saint Patrick’s Day 2017, dozens of events are held all across Russia to celebrate the Irish culture. Besides Moscow, the other major cities that celebrate the day include St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Voronezh, and Yekaterinburg.

Coatbridge is at the heart of the Saint Patrick’s Day 2019 celebrations in Scotland because it has a very large percentage of people with Irish ancestry. The events near me today include parades and celebrations in the centre of the town. Glasgow too has a considerable population of Irish descent. The city has been holding annual Saint Patrick’s Day parade since 2007.

Switzerland has been celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day parade 2018 every year on the 17th. If you check the events today, you will find that they are mostly similar to the ones found in other central European nations. What makes Swiss celebrations slightly different is that the students here have their unique celebrations on the eve of St. Patrick’s Day. If you want to witness the most popular celebrations by students, you should be in Kreis 4 in Zurich.

Canada has perhaps the largest and the longest running Feast of Saint Patrick parades on the continent in Montreal. The United Irish Societies of Montreal is at the heart of the city’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and has been holding events since 1929. But the parade has been a tradition since 1824, even before this community was formed. And the overall history of the day goes back to 1759.  In fact, the city’s flag itself carries a shamrock in it.

Saint John in New Brunswick has its own history of Irish immigrants and Feast of Saint Patrick celebrations. The day is celebrated for a full week. The festival follows the JP Collins Celtic Festival, which is celebrated in the memory of Dr. James Patrick Collins who tended to Irish immigrants on the Partridge Island.

The saint Patrick day is also celebrated across the United States. Americans have been celebrating the day since the late 1900s. The festivals celebrate the Irish culture and is the perfect occasion for event planning as a wide range of events take place. You can find green color all around, parades, and religious ceremonies.

Overall, St. Patrick’s Day is not just among the most popular events in Europe, it is also of significant importance in North America. It is celebrated as far away as Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, and Argentina. The modern aspects of the celebrations have received lots of influence from the traditions followed by Irish populations in all these countries.


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