January 3, 2018

Rotterdam Track Cycling 2018

A Push from Cycle Races to Start 2018!

Christmas is over and every one is getting ready to kick off the New Year. Life is going on and we should get back on track to give the cycle of our life a turn, as the best cyclists from all over the world are doing their bests to be in their best shapes for track cycling races. Track cycling events go back to 1870, when people had wooden cycles to hold indoor sport events. If you go through the sport news of this week, almost all the news will be about bicycle racing games of January 2018. Track cycling has been one of the modern Olympic Games for so long and nowadays is one of the toughest sport events. Thousands of people will reach to this Rotterdam sport events of track cycling in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Europe, which is going to be held during six days from 4th January 2018 to 9th January 2018.

Cycling as a sport, is very famous in Europe. Best track cyclists need to keep up their cycling training, through the off seasons and for each seasonal competitions; which all the best cyclists of all countries will take part in. The UCI Track Cycling World Cup is a series of bicycle racing games. The result of this games will count for each track cyclists as a point to be one of the champions in UCI Track Cycling World Championships. Track Cycling World Championships will be held each year and consists of 10 events for men and 9 events for women. Generally, we can say that the major track cycling competitive events includes Olympic Games, World Championships, World Cup and National Series of track cycling events. All these events can be followed on Pictcha app. Pictcha is a new social network designed for event fans to share events they attend. Pictcha app aims to remove the distance between events and fans. Any event you may love can be searched and followed on Pictcha app. Share posts in Pictcha if attending an exciting event and follow events and have live conversation with friends and other participants on Pictcha live conversation page.

Track records differs by the time or the kind of the tracks. One of which is a one hour track cycling. It is an international sport event in which, there would be a domination of sixty minutes and track cyclists need to ride as far as they can. In addition of different kinds of this six-day track cycling races, there would be some specific track cycling rules which usually are the same for each kinds of races. Event fans surely are familiar with the terms. And here is the good news for you event goers. Sport events 2018 of track cycling races are on and the best faces of this sport will take part in to compete. Just search your event horizon wherever you are and you will see that this is the hottest event of all these days. Event participants have packed, standing by the doors to be a part of this astonishing Rotterdam sport events.

Speaking of Rotterdam, you may want to know that it’s a major port city of Holland. A dam was constructed in 1270 beside Rotte River and people settled around it as it was safe for them. This is why the city has been named Rotterdam. This year, by attending bicycle racing in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Europe, you can also visit the largest port of all, in the Europe. It has a very big zoo named “Diergaarde Blijdorp”, we suggest do not miss it. It is a live city that you can enjoy life even through the night hours. So many festivals and carnivals hold here every year with amazing performances of international artists. So, make this six-day track cycling race the very memorable days of your life.

If you do not know much about track cycling bikes, a track cycling race, bicycle racing games, track cycling rules, cycling as sport and so, or just heard a bit about it in cycling sport news and wants to learn more, you can follow news or attend the services that have been provided for you by track cycling academy. Just sit behind your laptop, google “track cycling academy” and voila! You have all informations you need. Also, you may even want to give it a try, and experience a little bit of action in this digital era! If so, there are some educational courses related to “track cycling” both theoretical and practical which you can attend.

As track cycling events has not started yet, It is a little too soon to talk about who is in shape and who is not. But soon on January 4, 2018 the events will knock and there’s no way to back out for competitors.

Do you want to know the roads and details of all the series of track cycling on 4th January 2018 to 9th January 2018?

The schedules and other details are specifically available on http://www.uci.ch/events/. You can also gain more informations about how to be a participant of the event by following the bicycle racing news on official site of cycling sports center. All details about the event are also available on Pictcha event description page. Pictcha will picture all events for you, in detail.

By Arezoo Naserolmemarin




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