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November 28, 2017

Magical Lantern Festival 2017

Come and Enjoy a Magical Experience at the Magical Lantern Event

If you are using your event finder to search for the best events in the UK, then you must have found several events top being the magical lantern festival. Telling from the name, the event is the epitome of magic ranging from unique and festive ambiance in the form of laureate lights, creative art and culture and irresistible cuisine. Now, why would anyone want to miss such a brilliant event? The best news is that the festival is perfect for individuals of all age groups; it is actually one of the best ways of celebrating Christmas and New Year as well. The event is slated to take place in various UK cities from 24th Nov 2017 – 1st Jan 2018; you must be counting the days in which the event will run. As a matter of fact, why count the days if you will be enjoying total bliss! The other exciting news is that you don’t have to travel all the way to London for the event because there are other venues in the cities of Leeds, Birmingham and Manchester all of which provide a special chance of visiting Santa in his grotto and other spectacular lanterns. Even if you cannot travel to UK to attend the event there also remain chances to enjoy the event trough Pictcha the social network of worldwide event fans to follow the favorite events no matter when and where they are. Participants of this year Magical Lantern event will capture real time photos and videos of the event and share all these posts in Pictcha so that other fans outside the venues can follow the event and feel the atmosphere. So you may not be sure to attend the event but after watching it trough Pictcha you’ll decide to attend the next year event. This can be the story of any other event cause you can explore any event either past or live to see what’s going on and prepare yourself to attend some. Pictcha has come to remove all these distances between events and fans, so every one can enjoy any event by Pictcha.

Let’s focus on the event’s history for a while. For starters, the lantern light festival better known as the spring lantern festival is borrowed from the Chinese traditions; its celebration marks the climax of the New Year celebrations for the Chinese. The whole idea of lanterns is not a recent development; from the time of Western Han Dynasty in China, kids used to visit temples while carrying paper-made lanterns. Guess you can already get the connection between the Chinese festival and the lantern festival in the UK; we are talking about the integration of two cultures. There are so many legends that try to explain the origin of one of the best cultural events around the world; one of the stories talks of Lan Moon a great warrior who successfully led a rebellion against the dictatorial king of ancient China. Unfortunately, he was killed at the height of the rebellion; therefore the event is celebrated in his commemoration. The Chinese roots of the event explain the presence of Chinese inspired designs in these celebrations. For instance, the 2016 magical lantern festival featured a Chinese Pagoda lantern that was decorated with gold silk.

On to the magical lantern festival 2017 now, and we start off with the city of London. This is not the first time the city is holding the cultural event; if you attended the event last year in Chiswick House & Gardens then you need to go the same event center this year and have the time of your life. You can get informed about the events venues, start time and also goers list by event description page in Pictcha app, besides many interesting photos and videos posted by participants in past events. Pictcha brings you all details you may need or want to know about events. This year’s celebrations are Christmas themed and that makes it all the more interesting; you can envision the breathtaking view of an assortment of two cultures, incorporation of vibrant colors and of course, the creatively designed sculptures. One thing that this event guarantees is an experience of magic particularly the gigantic lanterns which will come in various shapes. Expect a lantern of Santa and his Reindeers and the elegant recreation of a historical city from the Song Dynasty not forgetting Diving dolphins, Noah’s Ark, and Penguins on ice. The event will not only awe attendees with the carefully sculpted lanterns but also with the delicious festival foods and drinks, Santa’s Grotto, a few fairgrounds rides for the kids and outdoor tents where you can shop for a souvenir. The lantern trail is something to look forward to as well because it will enable you and your family to explore the beautiful gardens and discover endless points for photo taking sessions. Additionally, you will not walk through the trail hungry because there are hot snacks and drinks along the trail. The London lantern festival 2017is on this its third year and we can expect a crazy rush for the tickets. Therefore, just like all the other exciting Europe events book your tickets in advance.

The Magical Lantern Festival Birmingham is bound to be more interesting than last year. The event center is Kings Heath Park and you need to book your ticket from as early as 24th November 2017. The prices of tickets vary based on whether it is a weekend or weekday. For instance the advance tickets for dates 25 November 2017 and 26 November 2017 are slightly expensive that those of the 24th. However, you simply cannot afford to end the year without seeing the spectacular lanterns shaped like the Birmingham Central Library and Gingerbread House. Just like the London event, your kids will have a fantastic time at the fairground rides. The mere mention of magical lantern festival Manchester is enough to wow the residents of Manchester because the cultural event is coming to this city for the very first time. The decision to include Manchester as one of the event venues was made after the huge success of the Festival activities in Birmingham, Yorkshire and London. The event center will be the magnificent grounds of Philips Park close to the Etihad Stadium. It is hard to imagine the transformation that this park will undergo for the sake of the event. Some of the lanterns to expect include the Ancient Temple of Heaven and Footballing Lantern recreation.

The magical lantern festival Leeds in Yorkshire is the other place to be this festive season. The Roundhay Park Leeds is hosting this year’s event. Event goers are sure to experience the interesting dual culture and splendid lanterns such as Polar Bears on Ice and Chinese Temple of Heaven recreation. Unfortunately, the lantern festival 2017in Scotland has been cancelled due to undisclosed circumstances. The event was however expected to debut at the beautiful grounds of Botanic Gardens in Glasgow. It is sad that the people of Scotland will not get to enjoy the lantern lights. However, it is possible to get tickets for the cultural events in the other cities of London and Birmingham. Essentially, the festival will favor families that would love to enjoy Christmas and New Year events all at the same time.

People who have never attended this event before should make a point of doing so because the photo galleries of the previous years’ showcase real fun and interesting lanterns, you may take a look at Pictcha’s event pages to get all these points. The event photography has been able to capture all the thrilling moments of the past years an most of participants share almost all moments of the event in Pictcha app. Moreover, the reviews about the events speak volumes of the reception that this festival has enjoyed in different cities. That explains why the event planners are ready to expand to Scotland and Manchester. Additionally, more details about the expected experience in different cities and the cost of tickets are available on www.magicallantern.uk. There has also been immense event sharing on Facebook and Twitter; most people are elated to be at the event as it starts on 25th November 2017.For fans that are unable to attend the event due to different reasons, there is an opportunity for live event streaming on the designated channel.

The magical lantern festival is one of the best cultural events 2017in Europe that you cannot afford to miss. If you are not sure of the dates, keep an event calendar or constantly search for cultural events near me, events near me or best events this week in any search engine and boom! You’ll have numerous results to choose from. In the meantime, get ready for the magical lantern festival 2017 near you. Pictcha will also help you to compare events and decide which one to attend. Open Pictcha and search for events you like most now see which events friends are going and take a look at events posts to see the atmosphere of which attracts you more. Then it’ll become more easy for you to decide about you holiday activities. Pictcha is always near you and will always picture the events for you.
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