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November 21, 2017

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Come and be Part of the Exciting Thanksgiving Day!

Are you intending to spend the holiday season in New York? Then ensure that you participate or simply watch the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. If you are coming from a different country, the probability is that you have never heard of the event before. For New Yorkers, the mere mention of the thanksgiving date should alert them that it is Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade time. It is interesting to note that this event has grown into one of America’s treasured traditions since its inception in 1924 with more than 3 million spectators from all age groups across the United States of America. The ecent is so fun and interesting and can be followed in Pictcha app if you cannot attend the event at the venue, participants will share their nice posts in Pictcha and viewers can enjoy. Do not miss the experience of any event by Pictcha, cause Pictcha will take you to any part of this world and shows you real time posts of the event like you’re there.

Unlike other top world events, the annual festival doesn’t take place in an indoor event center; spectators come out in large numbers to witness one of the top world events along the 2.5 mile parade route. It is quite hard to understand why a department store would be holding an annual thanksgiving event but Macy’s department store is unique; it rose in the 1920s and occupied an entire NY city block, precisely Broadway and Herald square all the way to the 7Th avenue. Since majority of her employees were immigrants, the employees who had embraced the American culture found it necessary to hold the thanksgiving day but with traditions and practices borrowed from Europe.

The original parade route was much shorter than it is today; it covered 6 miles from 145th street to Herald Square. The parade NYC today features dancers, cheerleaders, clowns, matching bands, parade floats and thousands of participants; you can already imagine the resources and time that’s required to make the event a success. .

What then can we expect from Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade 2017? For starters, if you intend to use the Manhattan route on November 23, then don’t because traffic will be crazy. According to Macy’s, this year’s festival will be different from the years past with the introduction of new characters in the Parade 2017such as Paw Patrol, Super Wings and a new Grinch balloon. The new appearances will future along 1100 cheerleaders and dancers, a 1000 plus clowns, 28 legacy balloons, 26 floats, 12 marching bands and six performance groups; sounds fun right? Even on their 91st year, Macy’s are not about to break their tradition regarding the parade route.

Therefore, it will start off at 9 am at the Upper West side, then procee through Central Park, Midtown and wind up at Macy’s Herald Square. Apart from Manhattan, NY you can already imagine how the streets of the mentioned neighborhoods will look like. One other interesting thing is that the event’s fun will not start on Thursday November 23, 2017; on the night prior to the event, there will be inflation of the balloons from 3 to 10pm and all people are welcomed to see how it goes down. The balloon inflation event has gained popularity just like other holidays festivals. Therefore, most people around NY love the inflation event the same way they do other balloon events. Again, avoid the streets around American Museum Of Natural History because they are usually closed.

In line with the thanksgiving 2017spirit, Macy’s store is set to release Macy’s thanksgiving ad with huge discounts on various items for clients to double on their savings especially on the clearance items. Anyone planning to be part of the parade 2017 has to be in New York City a day before the event or rather stay around NY for the whole of November 2017.Arriving at the parade route before 5.30 am may be a challenge for families’ travelling from far. Furthermore, why strive to get a spot in the parade while there is an opportunity to gain a full view in the comfort of a hotel room.

There are various hotels which are next to or on the parade route; they include The Ritz- Carlton, JW Marriot Essex House, Hotel St. James, 6 Columbus and Holiday Inn Express. These hotels are offering irresistible parade viewing packages. For instance, the Ritz-Carlton has a Premier Parade Viewing Package which includes comfortable accommodation, a specific room for the fall 2017paradeviewing and a camera for taking photos. The Monarch Rooftop Lounge is also giving a viewing spot from its rooftop. Booking a hotel along the parade route seems to be a good option because the event involves numerous floats and a parade of balloons. There will also be performances from pop singers, hip hop artists and a boy band.

Instead of taking your kids for thanksgiving at Disney why not give them a memorable experience of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade? Kids love clowns, balloons and performances that characterize the famous US event. The bad news for people planning to attend the parade musical is that unlike other US events, Macy’s doesn’t avail tickets to the public. The Grandstand tickets are provided for the friends and relatives of those participating in the parade of balloons. They are mostly employees and volunteers of Macy’s store. This doesn’t mean that you will miss out on the event entirely; with a little creativity, you can befriend an employee or volunteer of Macy’s and you’ll somehow earn a place in the grand parade 2017. If you are not lucky with the special tickets, you can watch Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade 2017 along the 2.5 miles public viewing route. Even if you couldn’t get the way to find the event ticket and take yourself to the event venue just install Pictcha app and search for the event name in order that you can find many photos and videos being posted by participants. Just take a look at Pictcha application home and explore events or search for the ones you love. If the event is live on Pictcha you can find real time posts and live engagement with participants and otherwise you will see a full archive of the event moments being uploaded into Pictcha. Pictcha aims to picture all events for you. Download Pictcha from appstore: Pictcha-All Events and enjoy your favorite events.

Some of the best viewing points include the west side of Columbus Circle, any point along 6th Avenue specifically between 58th and 34th streets, 7th avenue and the southern side of 34th street. The mentioned points provide a special opportunity for you and your family to see Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade balloons and other interesting characters in the march up close. If you fail to find a good spot, then just stay home and watch the live broadcast on NBC or live stream on the NBC’s website.

With the changes in technology, it is quite easy to view the best events near you. For instance, using the event finder, you can use specific search keywords such as events near me, events this week or fall events in the US. The annual thanksgiving parade organized by Macy’s department store should be one of the top exciting events in the United States of America. Moreover, telling from the previous year’s reviews and images, the event photography has always been on top. Additionally, you can use a store locator to find Macy’s near me where you can gather more information about the event. Just in case you forget the dates for the top annual event, you can keep an event calendar of either the top Europe events or best music events in the USA or any other country of your choice. However, if you will be away from the US during the historical event, then make plans to avail yourself during thanksgiving 2018 and enjoy the annual fall event.


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