March 4, 2018

London Rum Festival 2018

Voila, another rum festival is coming up! Are you ready to get so sloshed?! Thousands of people are gathering to celebrate and follow one of the greatest events of 2018. Rum festival is one of the best Europe events in February, 2018. In the last few years, it has been held by different cities. For example, we had rum festival in Paris, Birmingham, Berlin 2016, Edinburgh, West Palm Beach and Nottingham but this year UK is the host and event horizon of the rum festival 2018. And what would be better than getting high by spirits in the cold weather of winter?

In the rum festival this year, you will have the chance to taste various spirits that you may have not even heard of. Dancers and cocktail bars are going to be there. We will have rum festival awards which announce the bests in rum production industry. Also, after high-adrenaline hours you can chillax by listening to the inspiring music of this event bands. There are a lot of street foods you can enjoy which itself brings the food event festivals 2018. Meanwhile, you can fill your eyes with the beauty of the city. You can follow the event on Pictcha app the social network of event lovers. Events will be posted live by participants in Pictcha app.

Like every year, so many people in Europe are attending this amazing and fun festival of rum drinking, one of international events of March 2018, which this time is going to be held in Sheffield, United Kingdom. Sheffield is named after the river going through the town and that’s why Sheffield is known as an interesting city for tourists. Therefore, it is obvious why this metropolitan is the center of United Kingdom Festivals, 2018. These days the hottest events of all, in event apps is the rum festival and food festival of UK.

Now, that is the most exciting week of winter, 2018, in London and the beast from the east has hit the city, it is going to be more exciting to get some booze during this best event of UK events 2018 and easier to stay warmer under this snow blanket which has coated the city. All you need is to search for the rum festival. The event planning is available on any sites related to the 2018 events in UK which helps you to reserve the tickets. The London rum festival is going to be held on March 2nd, 2018 and March 3rd, 2018 and the event center would be Trafalgar Warehouse in London. The event can be followed on Pictcha before it is started and after the start time participants will share moments of the event in Pictcha app and share their feelings with friends and other fans.

Trafalgar Warehouse in London is placed alongside a Canal named Shropshire Union. Part of it is placed on the Canal which might be a reason to have a more exciting and enjoyable rum festival this year. You can enjoy the view, nature and beauty that has surrounded the place. Speaking of that, you may want to know that there is not where the tour finishes and there is the rum festival Chester which has provided more food festivals, live music and dancing for you. There will be free gifts given to you at your entrance, such as glasses for your rum testing which can be a memento from the London rum festival.

On March 3rd, 2018 we will have food festivals of UK other than London rum festival. Food festivals are usually held in places which have an expanded area and accessible for everyone from all over the city. As you may know in such festivals you can expect any form of food associated with the culture of the area the festival is taking place in. There are usually free samples for new flavors that gives you the opportunity to take benefit of the “try before you buy” policy. There are master chefs giving useful tips which you can use in your own cuisine. As it is a kind of family event, there is always different activities provided that children and parents can both take part in and have happy hours too.

Now it would be the time to take your smartphone or laptop out and sign up for the most popular events in UK cities. No need to mention that the most enjoyable events this weekend to release all the stress of daily life is the rum festival of UK. Do not miss food events today and many other UK events or festivals planned as March events 2018. You can find them by searching for “events near me”, “events near me today”, “festivals near me” or “event around me”. There will be also so many other Europe events in February 2018, all of which has its own event announcement available on event apps. Hope you make the best out of it and have a bubbly vacation to remember in future and get some booze with your friends. Do not forget to picture all events you attend in Pictcha 🙂


By: Arezoo Naserolmemarin

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