February 17, 2018

Let it Roll Open Air 2018

Come and Experience Great Electronic Music!

February 2018 is a month like no other as excited fans await the many February events 2018. One of the much awaited events this weekend is the electric let it roll open air festival 2018. It is one of the best Czech Republic events that sees an overwhelmingly high attendance from the country and across Europe. For someone new to the music scene, the event may not ring a bell. However, going by the posts of the thrilled event goers on Pictcha app winter 2018 cannot be complete without this event. Telling from its name, the let it roll festival is a thrilling music event that centers its theme on drum and bass. The event has found a home in the Czech Republic from the year 2003. In the year 2008, StaréŽďànice was privileged to hold the first edition of let it roll open air. The let it roll attendance for the debut event was 3000 and most importantly, an excellent reception from the artists. The success of the first event saw the holding of more events thereafter. As of the year 2012, the head crowd of let it roll event had risen to 10,000; the massive attendance implies that the festival is the top bass music event in Europe. Follow the event live at Pictcha app the social network of event lovers.

The popularity of the festival explains why the event app lists it as one of the leading Europe events February 2018 or among Praha best events. However, a search by someone in the Czech Republic can have the festival appear among the Czech Republic big events or simply Praha events and festivals. Now, let’s get down to details of the February 2018 event. As per the norm, the event will take place in Czech Republic in the city of Praha commonly referred to as Prague at the PVA EXPO event center. The single day event will take place on the 17th of February 2018 and will feature some of the biggest names in the electronic music genres. The gracing of the event by fantastic electronic music artists as well as drum and bass bands explains the ever-rising number of the event goers. The performance of the artists is usually accompanied by high-quality sound and lighting not forgetting the state of the art visuals.

The good news for the thousands of the festival’s fans is that the let it roll open air 2018 lineup is already out. That means that they have an opportunity to check out the different drum and bass artists expected at the festival. Some of the main headliners include Netsky, Noisia, Mefjus and DJ Hype; these people are bound to take the event goers into the event horizon. For instance, Nestsky’s popularity is beyond belief; his combination of melancholic and electric dance floor bass and beats has won him awards and accolades in Europe. Most fans have come to recognize his music as one that blends dance floor music with vocal led classics and the unique jungle sound. The musical geniuses, Noisia are the other reason why people will flock Praha City for the Let it roll open air 2018 festival. Apart from releasing drum and bass songs, the group has also produced exciting music in the genres of house, breakbeat, dance and pop as well as downtempo. Again, their authentic and visceral music will see all event fans into the event horizon.

More and more people are purchasing their tickets for the Let it roll festival 2018 so as to enjoy the performances of Mefjus and DJ Hype. The former hails from Austria and his unique tech beat and bass sound has won the hearts of many fans in Europe. Back in 2015, he won the Best Album award after releasing the EMULATION LP album. As he prepares to perform at the let it roll drum and bass, fans can expect nothing but the best from him. DJ Hype is a famous British dnb DJ as evidenced by his numerous Drum and Bass Arena awards. The extensive event planning guarantees the event goers of fantastic drum and bass music from other renowned artists such as Break, Sasasas, Alix Perez, TC*, Dimension, A.M.C, Joe Ford, Muzzy and many others.

It is not possible to enjoy any of the electronic music festivals in the comfort of your home; you have to be at the event center to have a first-hand experience and feel of the electronic music genres but if it is not possible for you do not worry at all cause Pictcha app has came to remove the distance between events and fans, simply install Pictcha app and search for favorite events and Pictcha will show you many photos and videos of the event. Therefore, make sure to purchase your tickets early enough because the let it roll attendance is expected to hit an all-time high. The best thing about purchasing these tickets is that they will not only grant you access to the 17th of February 2018 let it roll but also to the Let it roll open air scheduled for 2nd to 4th August 2018. Apart from the music, this should be a motivating factor for most people in the Czech Republic and Europe at large. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry and grab your tickets!!! You cannot afford to miss both of the let it roll 2018 events.

On February 18, 2018, fans will be excitedly evaluating the best performances of the previous day. However, fans who have attended the event since its first edition will tell you that they’ve never gone home disappointed. Although there are no alterations expected in the let it roll open air 2018 lineup, it is advisable to check for any event announcement on the event’s website or social media pages. Additionally, don’t forget to keep an event app so that you can receive updates on international events 2018 and most popular events in Europe. The secret is to use relevant search phrases such as events near me, events near me today, events today, event around me and so on. There are more events to follow in 2018 that will ensure that we have a fantastic 2018.

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