February 12, 2018

Indoor Hockey World Cup 2018

Come and Watch the Magical Moves!

As Berlin events January 2018come to a close, most people in Germany and Europe at large are anxious about what February 2018 holds. There are so many international events 2018 as well as Germany events that will keep music and sports fans engaged and excited throughout the year. However, for anyone who has been keen on the sports news, then they must know that the indoor hockey world cup 2018 is around the corner that can be followed at Pictcha app the new social network came to remove distance between events and fans. By searching for indoor hockey near me, this event should appear on the top of your search results; it is one of the most talked about events this weekend, so search it in Pictcha app to feel the atmosphere.

Apart from the news, for anyone in Germany, it is possible to access all Berlin events, and festivals or better still, all the scheduled Europe events February 2018via the event app Pictcha available on appstore; isn’t that interesting, knowing all the upcoming events just by a minor click on your phone? Now, we all love sports and luckily, the residents of Berlin, Germany will be treated to a fantastic indoor hockey game as from Feb 7, 2018 – Feb 11, 2018, at the Max-Schmeling-Halle event center which can hold up to 7500 spectators. This is the third time that Germany is hosting the European sport championships. That means that the organizers of the event have already started engaging in serious event planning. It wasn’t difficult to choose Berlin, Germany because of her history of hosting both indoor and outdoor sport events. The city has hosted some of the greatest sport events in Europe.

Most hockey fans in Europe will tell you that the upcoming world hockey championships are the fifth edition of the games, and this time Germany is lucky to be holding the event. The event center will contain both the 2018 Men’s Indoor Hockey World Cup and the 2018 Women’s Indoor Hockey World Cup, so if you’re at the venue do not hesitate to install Pictcha and share the veent moments with friends and other fans; it is clear that this is bound to be a tournament of power. Telling from the event schedule, the men’s category will have Kazakhstan facing Australia, Trinidad and Tobago, Poland, Germany and Czech Republic in pool A from February 7, 2018. Pool B will have Iran, Austria, Belgium Russia, South Africa and Switzerland. To avoid missing a game, it is essential to check the time set out for each game in every pool. The current pooling format borrows significantly from the first edition of the indoor hockey game in the year 2003 which was held in Leipzig, Germany. Germany claimed the title after beating Poland 7-1 in the event finals. The fourth edition of the hockey sport championships 2017 saw the Netherlands break Germany’s domination in the sport. We can, therefore, expect a lot of action in the men’s indoor hockey world cup tournament.

The 2018 Women’s Indoor Hockey World Cup will have the participation of one Asian team from Kazakhstan. This is the only Asian team, and it seeks to extend its domination on the international sports arena. The team will face Poland, and Netherlands who are presently rankedas position 3. Fans who have attended this kind of sport events before understand that just like all the other competitions, the hockey championships 2018is where anyone can experience the non-stop action of the sport. The number of teams participating and their flawless skills make the 4year wait for the indoor hockey world cup worth the wait. However, the 4-year wait wasn’t exactly free of hockey competitions because we already had the hockey sport championships 2016.The hockey rankings give a clear indication of the performance to expect from each team. For instance, the performance of the individual teams on February 9, 2018, determines whether they qualify for the quarter and semifinals on February 10, 2018. The event horizon will be on February 11, 2018, as fans wait to unveil the new champions in the indoor hockey world cup Germany in both the male and female categories based on their hockey scores in all the games.

As expected, the only way to watch the indoor hockey world cup live is by purchasing the tickets for the event. The ticket prices range from €9 for the first two days that is February 7, 2018, and February 8, 2018. However, the tickets will go to as high as 42 Euros on February 11, 2018, which is the final day of the indoor hockey world cup Berlin. There are VIP tickets whose prices range between 129 and 149 Euros. Additionally, there are family tickets, but they are limited; therefore, ensure that you grab yours as soon as possible. It is advisable to book the tickets early to avoid missing one of the most popular events in Europe. Fans who are unable to purchase the tickets in time have an opportunity for indoor hockey world cup live stream online. Therefore, all is not lost for all fans who have been gearing up for greatest sport events 2018.

Now, why would anyone miss to watch several games out of the expected 40? Not with the event announcements running on the official event page and social media pages. If you are in Berlin, Germany and you don’t want to forget the timing of the different games in each pool, ensure that you have an event app that keeps tabs of all Germany big events or narrow down the reminder to Berlin best events. Alternatively, you can search for all the scheduled February events 2018 in your area of interest. After the indoor hockey world cup 2018, there will be more events to follow in 2018. Therefore, if you are a sports fan, you can concentrate on searching for sport events today or sport events tomorrow especially if you intend to catch the indoor hockey world cup live. For the rest of the events in 2018, use search words such as events near me today, event around me or events today.

In the meantime, all roads head to Max-Schmeling-Halle for the much awaited indoor hockey world cup 2018. Let’s get these tickets!!! and share the event in Pictcha app.

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