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March 11, 2018

Head of the River Race 2018

Love rowing? Come and watch this Race this Sunday!

After winding up on Europe events February 2018, here comes March 2018 and rowing fans understand that this is the time for one of the best United Kingdom sport events 2018 to be followed in Pictcha app. Non-rowing fans may not know about this: so, if you are one of them, have you just come across the head of the river race 2018 in your Pictcha app or sports news? Well before you begin having an imagination about the whole concept of the event, let’s tell you what the race is all about. The head of the riverboat race commonly known as the HORR is one of the best annual UK events. The event comes in March either on the third or fourth Saturday, but it all depends on the tides. In the prior years, some races were canceled due to bad weather such as in 2017, 2014, 2013, 2007 and the 1940s due to the Second World War. Just like the name suggests, the head of the riverboat race is a professional race between eights which comprises of about 420 crews and 3750 competitors. The head of the river race distance is usually over 4.25 miles and begins from Mortlake to Putney that is more or less like the reverse of the Oxford Cambridge Boat Race course. It takes about 1.5 hours for all the crew to finish; the current record sits at 16 minutes 37 seconds and was set in 1989 by the GB National Squad.

Just in case you are wondering how it is possible to organize and successfully conduct a river racer of more than 400 crews, then you should know that this hasn’t always been the scenario. The event was established in the year 1925 by Steve Fairbairn who was a well-known river racer. Steve founded the race while working as a coach at the Thames Rowing Club. His main aim was to improve rowing training and raise the standards of winter training amongst clubs in London, England. After the first race in 1925 which had 21 crews, the number of participating teams has grown steadily over the years.

From the year 1979, the number of competitors had substantially increased, and the HORR committee had to limit the number to 420 crews because of safety issues surrounding the race. However, this restriction has not discouraged or slowed down the subscription of both the UK crews and those from other countries in Europe. Most overseas teams come from Germany, but the head of the river boat race has also attracted teams from other countries such as Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Austria, Yugoslavia, Denmark, and Switzerland. The registration of overseas groups begins in January and February for the UK crews and the whole events can be followed in Pictcha app the social network of event lovers to share moments of events they attend with friends and family and also to follow their favorite events and feel the atmosphere by posts of the event have been shared in Pictcha, the app of event fans all over the world. All teams must strictly adhere to the British Rowing rules during the competition. It is also at the British Rowing website where you can find all the scheduled rowing races 2018.

Now that you know a little history about one of the greatest events in the United Kingdom let us now focus on the HORR 2018 London scheduled for March 10, 2018,to March 11, 2018, and the event center is none other but the Championship Course, River Thames in London, England. From the event planning details available, the race is set to begin at 9.45 am; the start time always changes depending on the tides. Other competitions that use the head of the river race course are the Schools’ Head of the River Race (SHORR), the Women’s Eights Head of the River Race (WEHoRR) and the Veterans Head of the River Race. Now, the head of the river race London is only for men eights, and it uses the rowing race results from the previous year to determine the lineup. As such, the race begins with the winning crew then other crews follow at 10-second intervals; again, based on the finishing order of the previous year. New participants then follow in alphabetic order. It is quite exciting to watch the competitors rowing in their river race boats for the top award.

Since it is one of the top sports events in the UK, then there must be awards after the race. However, the style of awarding has dramatically changed. During the times of Steve Fairbairn, the winning crew got individual medals and a club pennant. The second and third crews also received pennants for their club. However, due to the high number of participating crews today, the British Rowling introduced pennants for the various categories and prizes for the fastest teams from the different areas of the country. The winning squad still gets the Fairbairn medal; the winners highly treasure these medals.


Now, given that there are so many elements that will take you to the event horizon, nothing should stop you from watching the head of the river race live. Since the event is free, you can bet that there will be massive crowds of spectators. As such, the secret is to arrive at the event center at least 45 minutes before the race begins. That way, you can get yourself an excellent viewing spot at the banks of River Thames. If you are still doubtful on whether you should attend, just watch one head of the river race video from the previous years, and you’ll understand what you have been missing.

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