March 13, 2018

Fallas de Valencia 2018

Come and Witness the Glamour of Valencia During the festival!

Have you recently checked Pictcha app for the best Spain events and festivals or Valencian big events, under the events this weekend? If you have, then you must have noticed the coming of the Fallas de Valencia 2018. It is one of the top Europe events March 2018 that attracts revelers from across Europe. If you live in Spain or Valencia, the event is not new to you. However, if you are new to the event, you should probably know that it is one of Spain best events which takes a total of five days, don’t worry the whole event will be covered in Pictcha app and participants will share posts in Pictcha representing the whole event for the ones who couldn’t attend the event at the venue. The term “Las Falla” means fires. It therefore means that the Fallas de Valencia celebration involves fire. It may be difficult to catch all the Spanish cultural festivals names but the fun and glamour that characterizes these events is indisputable. Interestingly, Valencia has a population of about one million people but during tee celebrations, the city attracts close to three million fire-loving revelers.

If you are still wondering what the event is all about, let’s tell you a little fellas de Valencia history. For starters, note that it all began as the feast of St. Joseph who is a patron saint for carpenters and ushering in of spring. However, the day has since evolved to be a fore festival which focuses on the making and destruction of dolls (ninots). The fun comes in because these dills have a life-like meaning and usually satirical. The idea is to make fun of crooked and fraudulent politicians and celebrities. The making of ninots costs about $75,000 and often takes a year to construct. That means that there is so much event planning that occurs. Additionally, some ninots are tall like some story houses and require moving by cranes. These dolls are kept until the day of the burning popularly known as La Crema.

Looking into the reviews of Fallas de Valencia 2017, you can tell that revelers travel from across Spain and Europe to attend the fire festival. Additionally, the event is not all about the burning of ninots; it also entails parades and fireworks. Now, the fallas festival Spain this year is happening from Mar 15, 2018 – Mar 19, 2018, and the event center is none other but the beautiful city of Valencia, Spain. If you are thinking about your safety because of the fires, there is nothing to worry about because the firemen have it all covered. Plus, the event organizers have to seal all the loopholes that could cause trouble during the event horizon that is the burning of the ninots. follow what’s going on in the event at Pictcha app and if attending the event share your moments with friends and other fans in Pictcha via its cool social features. Pictcha has came to picture all events and remove the distance between events and fans.

There are fundamentalFallas de Valencia facts that we cannot afford to ignore. Firstly, the event always takes place in March. Therefore, if you had a reminder in your event app, the festival should come under Valencia events of March 2018. Additionally, when burning the puppets, one always remains through a popular vote. It is referred to as the pardoned puppet, and it is placed in the local museum alongside other spared puppets from the prior years. Also, if you are planning to attend the fallas festival get your appetite ready for some delicious Fallas de Valencia food.Some of the standard dishes you can expect include the paella, Banuelos which resemble donuts and bocata de blanc I negre (sandwich with morcilla).

Though the Fallas Valencia starts on March 15, 2018, it is best if you arrive in Valencia on March 16, 2018, when all fallas have been cleared from the streets. From 1stMarch 2018 to the 15th, the city is treated to fireworks every day at 2p.m; as expected, the city smells of gunpowder during this period. Apart from 2 P.M, you can also catch the fireworks from 1am to 2am. Being one of the top cultural festivals in Spain, don’t be surprised to see people dressed in traditional costumes. The dresses are made of beautiful expensive and are quite costly. If you are lucky, you can get yourself one.

The Fallas de Valencia 2018 will kick off on 15th March with the Planta which comprises of a loud bang (chupinazo) and symbolizes the official beginning of the festival. You can expect to hear the same bang at the ending of the Fallas de Valencia celebration on March 19, 2018, but the sound is referred to as the crema. Ordinarily, the 5-day festival encompasses a lot of events, one being Streets of Lights which allow revelers to enjoy the fantastic light displays. Other activities that are hugely anticipated are the parades which will occur on March 17, 2018, and March 18, 2018. The parade schedule 2018 is similar to years past because the members of the Falla committees will march from their neighborhood all the way to Plaza de la Virgin where they will offer flowers to Valencia’s patron saint. Additionally, there will be firework displays on the18th march which are considered to be the most prolific; they light up the city of Valencia in a spectacular way. One other parade that you cannot afford to miss is the fire parade which symbolizes the arrival of the fire that will be used to burn the fallas. Therefore, ensure that you are in the parade arena to witness this spectacular view. Again, the event app is useful in notifying you of all parades today happening in your location. The climax of one of the top cultural festivals 2018 is the bonfire night which involves the burning of all fallas. It starts at 10pm with the burning of children fallas and from midnight, flames devour the full-sized fallas. Now, is there a better way of ending winter 2018? However, you have to be keen on any event announcement that may cause changes in this schedule.

The fallas festival is one of the greatest events that you cannot miss. There are other March events 2018 and international events 2018, but this cultural festival beats them all. However, if you are unable to attend, you can wait for fallas de Valencia 2019 or merelyattend other popular events in Europe. The secret is to keep an event app that will always notify you of the best events in Europe or festivals 2018. Depending on your location, you can use the search phrases festivals near me, event around me, events today, events near me today or events near me. That is the only way of keeping tabs on events to follow in 2018. In the meantime, let’s meet at Valencia and share moments in Pictcha. Pictcha app is the app all world event fans.


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