January 20, 2018

Eurosonic Noorderslag 2018

Let’s meet at the festival for entertaining and fantastic European music!

If you are in the Netherlands and are using Pictha app, an event app to search for any events around me, events near me today or events this weekend, the Eurosonic Noorderslag 2018 should be among the top search results in the music festivals 2018 or Europe events January 2018. For someone who hasn’t been keen on the major events in Europe, this event may not ring a bell in their memories. The people of Netherlands and Europe at large understand the significance of this event. It is actually one of the best Netherlands events which provide a platform for new music from Europe. The exciting bit is that the event offers much more than the usual music festivals; it is also a conference, and the radio and TV broadcasts make it a media event. The event usually showcases the uniqueness of each country’s music. In the case of winter 2018, Denmark will have a chance to show off her rich musical heritage. You can follow this exciting festival in Pictcha app the social network for event lovers to share events and engage with other participants through many cool social features all embedded in Pictcha the one and only social network to feel events atmosphere like you are there. Working with Pictcha app is quite easy, just install Pictcha and sign up then you’ll encounter a feed full of events sorted according to your interests and location. Live events and nearby events can be distinguished with a tag in Pictcha. After finding the event you love you can either share posts in event page if you are present at the event venue or you can view what other participants are posting in Pictcha.

The January 2018, Eurosonic Noorderslag that is scheduled for Jan 17, 2018 – Jan 20, 2018, will be held in a well-known event center; the Groningen, Netherlands. Before assessing the Eurosonic Noorderslag line up, let us have a look at how the Eurosonic Noorderslag 2017 went down. The event marked the 30th year of the festival, and it highlighted Portugal’s talent. Therefore, the local Portugal artists showcased their talent alongside artists from Britain, Ireland, and Scandinavia. The large crowds witnessed in the event center provide a clear picture of the anxiety and enthusiasm that fills the fans when they attend the four-day event. The different stages set out for the venue were graced by famous and upcoming music artists from across Europe. In order to have a more profound insight on the Eurosonic Noorderslag 2017, it is necessary to read the 2017 Eurosonic Noorderslag review and other updates on the music festivals 2017 in Europe.

Since we already have a clear picture of how the Eurosonic Noorderslag festivalis like let us focus on the upcoming winter 2018 festival. Let’s start off with the Eurosonic Noorderslag lineup which has been organized in the four days in which the event will take place. For instance, on Wednesday, Jan 17, 2018, the more than ten stages in Groningen, Netherlands will be graced by artists like Blackberries, Echo collective, super Besse and Scarlet pleasure. The secret is to check the acts that you are interested in then be at the stage early enough. There are those performances that everyone wouldn’t want to miss for anything. If you are not available for the Wednesday performance, then be sure to catch those scheduled for Thursday, January 18, 2018. The good news is that you can have a glimpse of the various artists performing on that day in the Eurosonic Noorderslag website. Once you check the All Round Poolcentrum, you will realize that District 7 a Luxembourg band, Husky loops a London’s post-punk band and Leoniden a German will be performing there. There are more Eurosonic Noorderslag bands expected in the different stages. These are the kind of music groups that are guaranteed to take the event goers into the event horizon. Do not forget to share posts in Pictcha app during any event you attend.

The only way of enjoying Eurosonic Noorderslag live is by getting yourself the Eurosonic Noorderslag tickets in advance. Buying the tickets early enough will save you the disappointment of finding the tickets for your favorite event sold out. In any case, a great music fan surely understands the potential and talent displayed at the Eurosonic of Noorderslag. People who prefer waiting until the last minute for them to enjoy a show can have their fun with the performances on January 19, 2018,and January 20, 2018. The tickets for the four days are available through Ticketmaster. However, there are also conference tickets, but one needs to be registered as a delegate. The conference takes place during the day and acts as an exchange and networking forum for European music. The conference attracts more than 4000 delegates and key speakers in the international music industry. Nevertheless, if unable to attend the Eurosonic Noorderslag open air, it is possible to watch the Eurosonic Noorderslag live stream on YouTube or Eurosonic Noorderslag live TV. All these avenues for enjoying the show have been included in the extensive event planning being undertaken by the able event organizers. Follow this all in Pictcha app and by following these celebs.

Additionally, the winter 2018 events do not end with the Eurosonic of Noorderslag; there are more upcoming music festivals Netherlands including the music festival Amsterdam which is an electronic dance music and falls in the category of dance festival events. Being a dance party, it is usually accompanied by surreal lasers and fascinating stage production. However, there hasn’t been any event announcement on the expected line-up.

After attending the Eurosonic Noorderslag 2018, the next step is to make good use of the event app like Pictcha, so that you can be aware of all music festivals and the respective music festival lineups 2018. It is also probable to keep track of the most popular events in Europe and any other music festivals happening around you on the various social media platforms, but Pictcha is the best for this purpose . The secret is to schedule for notifications for events today, events near me or event around me. In the meantime, you cannot afford to miss the energizing and exciting Eurosonic Noorderslag 2018festival. So, grab those tickets fast!


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