January 17, 2018

Figure Skating Championships

Have you ever tried walking on ice by shoes? For sure the first thing that comes to your mind is slipping and falling down. Now what about dancing on it, doing artistic beautiful moves on a very thin blade? Throughout the time, figure skating has been developed to an elegant and noble mixture of art and sport. If you have ever tried moments on ice, you know that as soon as your feet touches ice, it is going to be only you in the moment and nothing more, all the negativity goes away. It is like you are going to be as light as a feather fooling around in the breeze…

As Europe events January 2018 goes all around the greatest events of ice dancing, these days searching for dance events near me, is going to show you only figure skating news about figure skating Olympics and figure skating nationals 2018. Let’s google for phrases such as events today, events near me today or even events this weekend, all the results you get has a breeze of dance events, ice dancing and figure skating nationals 2018. This week, the hottest event around me and you is January 2018 sport events of figure skating championships 2018.

All the ice dancers dream of being in such a stage of competition besides the bests of ice dancing champions. On the other hand, All the Ice fans has been waiting for this event, one of the most popular sport events in Europe, figure skating championships 2018, which is held every year. This time, 2017–18 figure skating season will be held in Moscow, Russia. Also, Detroit has been selected as the host of Figure skating championships 2019 by now. Dance events Russia 2018 for ice skating is going to be the last big international figure skating art event before Olympic Games for the champions. So this would be a chance for them to evaluate themselves. You can follow the event on Pictcha app the social network for event lovers to share posts during events they attend. Pictcha app will picture all events for you so that you can feel the atmosphere of the events like you’re there. Pictcha is an app to search for events you like or even events you know small things about to get familiar and decide whether you like to attend the up coming one. Pictcha is available to all event lovers to follow each other and join in events. Pictcha event conversation is also available to event fans to engage with participants during the event. Pictcha is all an event fan may need.

Be a snow flake of Moscow sport events and enjoy art and sport performing alongside each other. ISU European figure skating championships 2018 event is going to be held during 7 days on January 15, 2018, January 16, 2018, January 17, 2018, January 18, 2018, January 19, 2018, January 20, 2018 and January 21, 2018. Event announcement by the International Skating Union (which only its member nations can take part in this event) shows that disciplines for awarding medals will be in four groups of men’s singles, ladies’ singles, pairs, and ice dancing. Entries of member nations have been announced according to the results of figure skating championships 2017 and each country can have 2 or three entries for each category.

Event center is going to be the Megasport Sport Palace. There are so many sites available online to book the ticket such as www.viagogo.com , but you better hurry to get your tickets because this is not an usual annual event planning! Russia is one of the most popular countries in Europe sport events, especially in winter Olympic Games. Usually the bests of most sports come from Russia and it is a powerful pole of each type of greatest sport events. You all may know the Russian Figure skater, Evgenia Medvedeva who is one of the ice dancing Olympic champions taking part in the event. She is one of the marvelous skaters with a special style in her dance and choreography that we know her because of those. Follow her on Pictcha and view all dance events she attends.

On the other hand, if you are going to attend this event, it is going to be a very good chance to visit Moscow, Russia. Moscow is the center of Russia and the coldest metropolis all over the world so it is obvious why winter games are so famous there and we have so many well-known athlete for winter games. Moscow has so many high ranked ice skating rinks. You can feel like being in the sky when you skate there but the very first indoor arena which usually is the host venue of European Figure Skating Championships and other related events is Megasport Sport Palace. The first figure skating competition was Cup of Russia figure skating competition which in 2008-2009 was held as the fifth event of ISU European figure skating championships.

If you have planned to be there for sport events coming up, Here is all you need to know before going to Megasport Sport Palace. It is a multi-purpose indoor arena which gives you the opportunity to follow other European sport events there too such as hockey and boxing. Its location is – Khodynka avenue 3 Moscow 125252, Russia. Khodynka field is a large area located in north-west of the city. As it has been the site for first Russian powered flight, now the Museum of Russian National Air & Space is located there. Although it may be interesting to know that the area is named after the river near there, which was used for transportation to the neighbor areas.

When was the last time you asked yourself “what are the events around me?”?

As it is the time to welcome Olympic winter games, there is going to be huge number of interesting events in Europe which may be the best sport events of 2018. You can find the bests in event horizon by using various event apps and search for the events you are interested in, but the best one to do so is Pictcha app. Pictcha is the first app with complete feature set for event lovers to share, view and engage with all types of events. Beside this Pictcha is a social network and not just an event informing platform. User are provided with many cool social features in Pictcha app. Do not forget that tracking events, gives you the opportunity to see the world and experience your interests through different cultures, beside people with different ideologies. Bringing out the art from a sport is by itself an artistic move. It is not a simple mixture to represent but a very delicate, tough combination. Your friends are waiting to hear from you about the things going on, in 2018 European Figure Skating Championships event, the dresses of the ice dancing champions, hosting of dance events tonight and so on. Then do not keep them waiting and do not forget selfies to share with the world in Pictcha.

By Arezoo Naserolmemarin

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