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December 30, 2017

Edinburghs Hogmanay 2018

Jingle bells of Hogmanay 2018 Scottish Style!

Give a warm welcome to the New Year in a true Scottish style and tell all the world, you have been there. This is the best New Year’s Eve celebration in United Kingdom, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Scotland and across the Europe.

Live music and performances as well as street parties all over the Edinburgh are waiting for you to ring in 2018, January 1st, making the night a truly unique experience of New Year events. People travel from across the world to join in Hogmanay celebrations. The three or four-day event is one of the most popular events in Europe.

There is a return Edinburgh’s Hogmanay, Scotland party train from London to Edinburgh, organized by Stoke Travel, in which you will enjoy ultimate pre-party and Edinburgh Hogmanay after-party. Here is the Edinburgh Hogmanay line up of full event planning available below:

This would be a very good chance for you to be a part of traditions for Edinburgh Hogmanay events. No one wants to miss a very special New Year’s Eve in Edinburgh Castle, or any of the Edinburgh Hogmanay celebrations with all its happy New Year events, Hogmanay clubbing and etc,. Also Rag’n’Bone Man is going to be there leading Edinburgh Hogmanay bands and Djs, you will enjoy concerts and truly unique astonishing Edinburgh Hogmanay acts of Edinburgh Hogmanay artists besides best street events of UK. You can follow the event on Pictcha the event app aiming to remove the distance between events and fans. Pictcha is a new social network for event lovers to share events they attend. Before attending any event you can search for it on Pictcha and explore posts to see whether you like the atmosphere of the event or not, so as Pictcha pictures any events choosing an event to attend has became easier than anytime.

Hogmanay celebrations is like the dust of fairies pouring on the city, in which the enormous public New Year’s events (the biggest and most famous in Edinburgh) would cheer up the whole folks all over the country. There are so many different event apps by which you can follow the most popular events in Europe such as happy New Year events.

Edinburgh’s Hogmanay at a glance:

The Scots word for December 31 is Hogmanay which also is another word used for Scotland’s New Year’s Eve celebrations. Scots have many traditional event horizon for winter 2017:

After the first stroke of midnight, all people visit their neighbors, to give them some symbolic gifts such as shortbread, black bun or kind of a fruit cake. The visitor is offered a small a gif in return too. The first person enters a house in the New Year, can bring luck for the whole year to the owners. The luckiest symbol of the person is a tall, dark and handsome man in contrary to the unluckiest who is a red head and the unluckiest of all would be a woman with red hair.

Besides the Hogmanay celebrations, UK’s street festivals, fire festivals and entertainments, Edinburgh Hogmanay attendance still hold traditions from hundreds, maybe thousands of years ago. People from all over the world come to Scotland to celebrate Hogmanay. It is a three-day events in Edinburgh for giving a warm welcome to the New Year’s Day of January 1, 2018. The Scots folks bring Images of fireworks over Edinburgh Castle in the Hogmanay celebrations which are some of the most memorable moments of the event.

New Year events begins with the Torchlight event on December 30, in which, thousands of people walk through the city and continue marching to the “Loony Dook” on New Year’s Day. Scotland’s fire festivals at Hogmanay may goes back to the Viking times.

How can I get tickets for Hogmanay clubbing?

You need to book tickets individually for each event. To get update about all the details of events and links for booking, you can use the official Edinburgh Hogmanay website and the event app.

The Concerts will be held in the Gardens on December 3th. English singer-songwriter Rag’n’Bone Man will host the main concert in Princes Street Gardens on New Year’s Eve. Other fans and Edinburgh Hogmanay attendance can join the Edinburgh Hogmanay street party, with live bands and DJs in the heart of the city.

Street events near me:

Stages of the best music genres as well as alternative Edinburgh Hogmanay acts will be held in locations around the Edinburgh center. This year’s headline act on the Stage is the English synth-pop band, The Human League. Edinburgh holds an international arts, music, and theater festival every New Year’s Day, but the most interesting and unique part of the events is the “Hogmanay celebrations”. For this reason, events have more audience these days and many artists design acts specifically in order to be accepted on stage of the Hogmanay celebrations. Participants of the event will share photos and videos of the event on Pictcha app and you can follow them or follow the event page to get an updated feed of the event on Pictcha event page.

Ceilidh under the Edinburgh Castle:

United Kingdom’s largest Ceilidh is placed against the Edinburgh Castle. Edinburgh Castle is a part of Scotland history. It is placed on a High Rock and covers the sky of Edinburgh, Scotland. Edinburgh Castle is built upon the plug of a volcano.

Need information about Hogmanay HQ?

You can book a VIP for Hogmanay celebrations by Assembly Hall, which offers expansive views of the Gardens in Princes Street. There is also a prime spot for the midnight fireworks that you can reserve.

How do I get there?

There are usually two and three-night packages available on event planning apps. You can choose to go by train, car or air by which you can explore United Kingdom in a unique way.

Going home after Hogmanay:

Free Hogmanay night bus services will be available after the happy New Year events and Concert in the Gardens events. Also, there are buses which leave from special stations, outside of the city to places across the city and elsewhere.

Free tram services will also be offered from midnight through the night. Those travelling outside the city can access coach services via City link, which are available to 12 destinations across Scotland including Glasgow, Edinburgh, etc. The other services must be booked in advance.


Usually Edinburgh Hogmanay events will not be planned in Glasgow, though, you can still find some of which you may like to take part in. Here are some of these events which all take place on December 31:

Detailed information is available on apps for finding “events near me” like Pictcha that includes any event details on its event description page. In Pictcha any event has this page and if the event has not started yet the only page that is viewed is the event description page. Do not forget to book tickets and reserve other services in advance, so you would not have problems during your journey through the UK. Wish you all a very happy Scottish New Year. Pictcha will also help you enjoy favorite events.

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