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December 27, 2017

Christmas Festival 2018

A Sneak Peek of the Best 2017 Christmas Events Around the World!

Annual Events in Europe and the whole world are never complete without the celebration of Christmas. This event goes by many names including Nativity, Noel, Xmas, and Yule. The mere mention of either of these names gets people thinking of how to create a colorful Christmas tree or buy one from the nearest Christmas tree shop, listen to the beautiful and melodious Christmas songs from the best Christmas albums, watch fantastic Christian movies, make delicious Christmas cookies and most importantly,engage in serious event planning on how to enjoy the festival together with friends and family.Christmas around the world is meant to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ which is commemorated annually. It has always been held on the month of December. Therefore, just like all the years past, all people will celebrate the nativity on December 25, 2017.

Most people plan early on how to celebrate Christmas day every year. If they are not ready to spend the day at home, they use an event app to find places where Christmas festivals have been organized. The app can locate all Christmas events near me, events around me, events today, a festival near me and so on. What’s the name of app?! ofcourse Pictcha the social network of event lovers, install pictcha and explore various events on app homepage. You can search for events you like on Pictcha and view many photos and videos of the event posted by event participants, so pictcha will picture any event you may like for you. For the specific events of christmas you can follow friends and other people to view events they attend and join them if you enjoyed the atmosphere too, Pictcha will lead you to favorite events. For people looking to spend their Christmas vacation in new places, you are in luck because we just compiled some of the best places to spend Christmas this winter 2017. For starters, if you have never visited Vienna, Austria on Christmas, you do not know what you have been missing. The city has an age-old tradition of having Xmas markets which sell a variety of nativity gifts and other delicacies. For instance, if you decide to visit the Viennese Christmas market, you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the fabulous backdrops. Other amazing markets include Xmas Village Belvedere Palace, Maria TheresianPlatz, and many other delightful villages.

Additionally, there are more Christmas activities in Copenhagen, Denmark; the decorations, brilliant seasonal lights, and the stunning markets will take anyone to the event horizon. The city creates a real noel mood and a fantastic holiday ambiance. Just like Vienna, Austria, the city has some pretty magical markets. For instance, the Tivoli gardens presentmany fairy lights, colorful Christmas trees and ice replica which creates a fairylike Yule wonderland. The markets in the city sell different Christmas art, Christmas cookies, sweets, beverages and other mouthwatering foods. Other magical markets to visit in the city include Andersen Christmas market, Hojobroplads, KongensNytorv and NyhavnHarbour.

If you have searched for events this weekend, Xmas plans at Rovaniemi, Lapland must have come up. The city has an elaborate way of celebrating the event; Christmas day begins with an exploration of the snowy views outdoors. After the stroll, there is always a Santa Claus village program which involves crossing the Arctic Circle then meeting Santa in his cabin. More activities about the Christmas festivals in Rovaniemi, Lapland is readily available at https://laplandwelcome.fi/holiday-packages/christmas-new-year-time-packages/christmas-in-rovaniemi-santas-home-town-at-the-arctic-circle/.

Nuremberg, Germany is the other Christmas cultural event center to visit this December 2017. If you are in Germany, your event app should have the festival as one of the top events near me today. The Xmas markets in the city present the perfect mood to enjoy the event through the scents of the delicious foods, serene and sometimes chilly weather. The Nuremberg Christ kindles market is one of the best markets to visit. Nuremberg, Germany is one of the oldest cities in the country and has managed to create the best Christmas mood over the years with items such as the Prune men, gingerbread, Xmas ornaments and the fantastic sights in the more than 30 museums in the city.

Strasbourg, France is often referred to as the capital of Christmas because of the magical lights, eye-catching decorations, and the scent of good wine and brilliant Christmas art which dominate the city during this period. There are ten Christmas markets here which possess a blend of both the German and French culture. With more than 300 stalls, there is so much to enjoy in this city. If you have been to Strasbourg, France before, you have the option of visiting Prague, Czech Republic this winter 2017. The transformation the Czech capital undergoes during the festivities are just amazing. Some of the Christmas activities to engage in the city include visiting the incredible Xmas markets, seeing animals at the Zoos and enjoying the various winter activities. Similar activities characterize London, England during the Yule period.

There are more events in US this December 2017 starting with the Christmas tree lighting as one of the major Christmas events NYC 2017 and in other large cities such as Washington, DC. All these events can be followed in Pictcha the best network of event freaks. The Hanukkah is one of the common Christmas events in Los Angeles although it is Jewish oriented. There are more Christmas events in Florida including Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party; lights display at St. Augustine, Santa’s enchanted Forests, and the snowing celebration. It is easy to keep tabs on Christmas events in Maryland as well as Christmas events in Texas through the links https://www.sunshinewhispers.com/40-free-christmas-events-in-maryland-and-dc-for-kids/ and https://www.tripstodiscover.com/best-holiday-events-in-texas/ respectively. Christmas events in San Diego are some of the events lined up for all San Diego residents this winter, 2017.

The good news is that the event app helps you keep track of all the Christmas activities near me 2017. That means you cannot miss any event happening around you or other parts of the world. For those of us who are unable to visit most of the cities listed, Christmas 2018 is not too far, and we can all enjoy the joy of Christmas in any part of the world. Pictcha app is with event fans and has came with the mission of removing the distance between events and fans.



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