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January 11, 2018

Burning of the Clavie 2018

Come and Usher the New Year in Style at the Burning of the Clavie in Burghead!

January 2018 is bound to be exciting and thrilling with all the scheduled sporting, musical and cultural events. For as long as you are in the United Kingdom, then you know that 11 January is pretty significant when ushering in a new year. If the date doesn’t ring a bell, then the event app will tell you that the burning of the clavier or if you like Burghead fire festival, takes place on this day. The Burghead, Scotland festival should feature in events this weekend or events today depending on the day you use the event app. The eventis usually celebrated at Burghead, Moray, Scotland. Some people will be asking what is burning of the clavie? Well, this is just an ancient Scottish custom that is usually held at Burghead, UK yearly. The Clavie is some casks that are split into two then used to light a bonfire on the evening of 11 January which is the New Year eve according to the Julian calendar before the introduction of the Gregorian calendar. Now, isn’t that interesting? Well attend the event and share it with friends in Pictcha.

The burning of the clavie Burghead is never complete without having a procession consisting of onlookers and members of the Clavie crew who carry the burning clavie through the town streets. Clavie crew usually comprises of natives of the Burghead, UK town; the men carry the burning clavie in turns while moving sunwise in the streets of the city. The burning of the clavie fire festival procession is usually led by the Clavie King and only stops when giving smoldering pieces to the residents of the village in the UK. The march ends at the top of Doorie hill where the clavie is left to burn on a stand that is specially constructed for this purpose. The sight at Doorie hill is one that you don’t want to miss because the crew members add more fuel to the clavie until the hillside is alight with a beacon of fire; this is the part where the onlookers are taken into the event horizon. So many people come to witness the fire festival Scotland because there isn’t much event planning and the rise of the land allows for a spectacular view of the burning of the clavie. Members of the Clavie crew later distribute the clavie pieces to the crowds. Even if you are in new in Scotland, Hogmanay, you can be a part of the grand procession; you are however not allowed to create or carry the clavie.

Now, it is only natural to wonder why such ancient festivals still exist in the modern world; the answer is simple, the residents of Burghead, Moray, Scotland celebrate the event as part of their New Year’s activities. The event is more or less like the usual New Year’s Eve; the only difference is in the dates and the unique way of celebration. The Word is that obtaining a single clavie’s piece fetches good luck for the coming New Year. Therefore, if you decide to be a part of the burning of the clavie 2018, you might just attract a lot of good things in your life this year. However, if you are thinking of taking a piece of the burning clavie home, ensure that you are wearing thick gloves,to help you carry the piece as it takes a long time to cool down; you don’t want any burn injuries on New Year’s Eve, right? Residents of Burghead, Moray, Scotland use the collected pieces to kindle a fire that is special for New Year’s activities. At times, they send the pieces to friends and relatives who may have moved away from the town for different reasons.

The festival borrows a lot from the ancient pagan practices, and the church has continuously tried to eliminate it but with no success. The Gregorian calendar introduced in the 1750s pushed back the New Year’s dates by 11 days, but that didn’t deter the residents of this village from celebrating the event. Participation of excited onlookers is quite evident from the reviews of the burning of the clavie 2017. If you can’t find much information using the search terms burning of the clavie 2017, try fire festival 2017.The images from the event should convince you to be in Burghead, UK come 11th January 2018for one of the greatestevents in the United Kingdom.

Winter 2018 will not be different from the prior years as Burghead, UK residents prepare to hold one of the most popular events in Europe or particularly in the UK. Just so you are not left behind in welcoming the New year in style, it would be good to keep tabs on every event announcement that is made via social media. The event sharing in these platforms is immense as people prepare to be in the event center that is Scotland, Hogmanay for one of the best Burghead events or Cultural festivals in the United Kingdom. To ensure that you do not miss the remarkable burning of the clavie Scotland, keep an event app that notifies you of the top events in Europe and festival events in the UK or Europe at large. Nevertheless, you can still identify events near me, event around me or events near me today depending on your search criteria. The bottomline is that you shouldn’t forget the dates of the incredible burning of the clavie festival.

As Burghead, Moray, Scotland engage in serious event planning for the annual Burghead festival; there is no harm in being part of the onlookers; this might just be the best way of receiving good things this year. Attend all these interesting events and share posts in Pictcha with friends and other fans. Pictcha also has a live conversation feature for all fans to discuss and enjoy the event. Picture all events with Pictcha app.



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