March 28, 2018

Barcelona Beer Festival 2018

If you Love Beer, Come at the Barcelona Beer Festival!


March 2018 is an ecstatic month for all people who love attending all thegreatest events. People in Barcelona, Spain understand that winter 2018 cannot be complete without gracing some events. If you check the event app, you will notice that one of the most popular events in Europe is happening in Spain this weekend. This is none other, but the Barcelona beer festival 2018which is a three-day event held every year. The event will return to its traditionalevent center at the La Farge Centre d’ Activitats. For people familiar with this event, they know that this is the seventh edition and has always attracted a high number of event goers. For instance, Barcelona beer festival 2017 drew an estimated 32,000 attendees. It is for this reason that the event organizers thought of changing the venue from the Museo Marítimo de Barcelona to the current event center. If you are still wondering why this is one of the most exceptional events in Europe, then you should plan on attending it. You are assured of not experiencing any disappointments because of the extensive event planning that occurs before the event.


Just like the name suggests, the event is all about showcasing Alcoholic products including Vinos, spirits, champagnes, beers, delicatessen and sparkling wines. Therefore, the Barcelona beer festival aims at promoting the quality craft beers and publicizing works done by artisan producers both from the country and outside. Additionally, being Europe’s Largest Beer Festival, new producers can showcase their products for as long as they are in line with the philosophy of the festival which is an enhancement of quality, globalization and beer knowledge. This event is one of the most interesting beer festivals in the world, attend the event and share your lovely posts of the event in Pictcha app. Pictcha is the social network of event lovers to share posts with friends and family. pictcha is also a great tool to follow events you like cause all participants will share their live posts of the event in Pictcha. Pictcha is a cool social app that has came to remove the distance between events and fans. Pictcha will picture all events for you.


So, what can a new attendee expect from the Barcelona beer festival March 2018? First, do not be surprised when you find large bar featuring more than 100 taps where you can have a taste of the more than 450 local and foreign beers. Additionally, get ready to Meet the Brewer at an exceptional bar area where the different brewers will be serving their liquors and explaining more about the festival. If you have checked the schedule of the festival, then you already know the expected brewers and the times you can meet them. Interestingly, the beer fair has its glasses and currencies usually obtained from the sale points. As such, the beers will be served in these glasses and paid for using the unique festival coins. There are other beer festival activities that you can be part of; these include tastings, conferences, debates, and summits with the brewers, concerts and so on.


If you are a lover of wine or beers, why hesitate on attending the artisan beer festival? If the idea of the enormous bar and numerous beer brands does not excite you, then you must wait for the Barcelona Beer Challenge where awards are presented to the best quality beers. The seasoned event goers are always anxious about this part of the event; it can be seen as the event horizon. But how can you enjoy all this without booking rickets soon enough? The eventoccurs from March 16, 2018, to March 17, 2018, all the way to March 18, 2018, you have at least three days to attend. Just like in the Barcelona beer festival 2017, tickets are going for a mere €7. The best news is that the price is inclusive of the festival booklet, the unique glass (you will only be served using this glass) and two tokens each worth a dollar.


However, if you are unable to attend the beer festival 2018in Barcelona, Spain, then start planning for the beer festival London and one in Manchester in August. The best thing is that you can identify all the beer festivals near me, food festivals 2018, food festival near me or global March events 2018 in Europe with the help of your event app. The secret is to stay updated for any event announcement that could cause a change in the event dates or venue. However, if you are in Germany, don’t feel left out because Germany’s Brau Beviale is coming in November. Other event lovers in Moscow and Brussels can also have their fun in July. Considering that the beer festivals will be happening in almost all countries across Europe, ensure that you attend one in your Country.


The bottom-line is that there are so many international events 2018 or rather, Europe events March 2018 and better still, there are so many events to follow in 2018. The secret is to keep an event app, and you will always know about events near me today, events this weekend, Europe events today, events around me, events today and so on. That way you will have enough time to plan your schedule and book the tickets.


Meanwhile, get ready for the most fabulous event of them all; the Barcelona beer festival 2018, see you there.




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