April 10, 2018

2018 World Fencing Championship

Come experience the thrill at the Junior World Fencing Championships!

For anyone who has been following up the sports news, then you know what is going down as from 1-10 April 2018 in Verona, Italy. However, if you are too busy to catch the Sports news, then this is the time that your event app or better the IOS event app, Pictcha comes in handy. Now, in the sport events this weekend, fencing sport, and fencing near me or Europe events April 2018, you must have come across the European fencing championships 2018. The competitions are held annually by the Europe Fencing Federation. Interestingly, Fencing is not only a physical challenge but also a mental battle. As such, unlike other games that most of us may be used to, here, physical strength does not guarantee a win. People who have attended several fencing championships understand that the participants explore psychological tactics in gaining victory, and if you hadn’t attend any yet you can install pictcha app and take a look at many fencing events shared by participants in pictcha. Therefore, if you are a first-time goer, do not expect that the most heavily built individual will automatically become a winner. Also, you can gain more information about fencing and the awarding of medals by reading the reviews of the fencing championships 2017 held in Leipzing, Germany.

Now that you know some basics of the game let us shift our focus to the main fencing championships 2018 that will transform the Cattolica Sport society into an authentic fencing village. So, why should you miss this opportunity of watching one of the most mind-thrilling games in international competitions? Being one of the most exceptional international events 2018 in Europe and notably Italy, you can expect that so many resources have gone into the event planning. The event organizers are working hard to meet the expectations of both the fans and the players. Since the competitions are running for the first nine days of April 2018; it is only right to be aware of the scheduled events for each day. However, the event horizon will be on April 8, 2018, during the finals of the Cadet Women’s and men’s Foil Individual as well as the Junior Women’s Foil team. On April 9, 2018, get ready to witness a fantastic closing ceremony. Considering that the event will have ended, there is no much activity to be expected on April 10, 2018. However, it is essential to check the scheduled events for each day in the organizer’s official website that is http://www.fencingverona2018.com/en/official-schedule. Checking various websites has been always difficult for people so you can easily open Pictcha app in your smart phone and easily scroll events so that you can find your favorite ones then you can find all events details in Pictcha app, pictcha app has came to remove the distance between events and fans totally. The site is also crucial in accessing any critical event announcement concerning rescheduling or any other significant matter.

The other question that most people must be asking is where exactly is the event center and how do I gain access to one of the best sport events 2018? Well, the European fencing competitions will take place at the Cattolica Sport society which is located in the Industrial area of Verona which is not very far from the Fairgrounds. For the ticketing, the daily ticket cost of the fencing championships Italy is seven euros per person. However, the good news is that admission is free for attendees below the age of fourteen. There is also a 9-day card going for fifty euros, but it caters to the cost of the whole competition. How then can you access these tickets? It is simple; just buy them directly on the “Cattolica Center” competition site or through the Pictcha app the app of event lovers, the social network for all event fans all over the world to share events they attend. Ordinarily, being one of the most popular events in Europe, everyone will want to have the tickets. The secret, therefore, is to purchase the tickets soonest possible. You don’t want to wait for the last minute scramble because you may just miss out.

However, for anyone who will not be in Italy, during these competitions, you can await the fencing championships Sheffield scheduled for 5th – 7th May 2018 in the United Kingdom. Other Europe fencing championships expected in the UK are the fencing championships London. All you have to do is search for fencing championships and any other events of interest happening around you using the event app. Even though there are more events to follow in 2018, it is still not a good idea to miss the fencing championships in Italy, United Kingdom or any other country. In the meantime, ensure that you do not miss either of the sport events April 2018especially those related to fencing. Now that you know all about the European fencing championships 2018let’s help you keep tabs on all the other Sports events in Europe. The secret is to follow all the sports news or directly download the event app free or any other event application of your choice. With the app, you can get updates on all the sport events today, sport events this weekend, sport events near me, events near me today, events today and any other search keywords of your choice.


In the meantime, grab those tickets and let us meet at Verona, Italy for the European fencing championships 2018. See you there!!!!!!! Do not forget to picture your moments by Pictcha app.




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