April 21, 2018

2018 London Marathon

Come and have fun at the 2018 London Marathon!

If you are wondering what to do this Sunday, April 22, 2018, then don’t look any further because the London marathon 2018 is the place to be and it’s all going down in London, UK. Since its one of the most popular events in Europe, we can expect tens of thousands of competitors and onlookers. That means that the streets of London, England will be full of activity this weekend. If you do not know about this event, then you have probably not been following up on the sports news or you lack an event app or better still an ios event app, the most helpful one is Pictcha which is a young soial network for event goers to sare their moments and other fans to follow events they like through Pictcha app. It is through such applications, Pictcha that people get all the events in Europe or simply all the greatest events around the world. Now, if you check the London marathon 2018 date, you will notice that it comes just a day after the close of London marathon expo which begins on 16thApril 2018 and both events can be followed in Pictcha app cause participants will share their moments there and you can feel the atmosphere of the event through these posts in Pictcha.

The London marathon 2018 is the 38th edition and more than thirty-nine thousand runners are expected to compete in this race. Additionally, there will be tens of thousands people cheering on the runners alongside the route. Being a marathon, most people are anxious to know about the London marathon 2018 route; well, the route totals to 26.2 miles. Since the route encompasses significant landmarks of London, UK, extensive road closures have been planned. The closing of roads and the choosing of the route are just some of the elements that characterize the event planning of this year’s marathon.

The London marathon April 2018 is particularly unique because the Queen will be the official starter of the event even though she will do so from Windsor. So, why would anyone miss this event? However, do not make the mistake of watching the race at the starting point that is Blackheath, instead, pick your spot carefully along the route. For instance, if you want to see the competitors between the 14th and 21st mile, use the Jubilee Line or DLR towards Canary Wharf and the Isle of Dogs. It is advisable to steer clear from Greenwich town because it will be very busy. Another unique aspect about the London marathon is that it is also one of the biggest charity events this April 2018. Last year, the London marathon raised a total of £59.4m in a single day. Therefore, if you want to be part of such a noble course, you must be asking, what is the procedure for London marathon registration? The application process through the public ballot begins in May. However, if you are not lucky, you can just run on behalf of a charity after paying the registration fee of £50–£100.

Runners are expected to arrive at the event center early enough for preparations but for the fans, there is a need to get there before the London marathon 2018 start time if you don’t want to miss any detail about the event. Also, you need to choose an excellent spot along the London marathon course. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to go through all this hustle or you are out of the United Kingdom at the moment, you can watch the sport events this weekend on TV; you can enjoy the live coverage on BBC One, the BBC SportWebsite or the London marathon app. For commentaries on the elite race, the Red Button TV Service is the place for you. It will also cover all the runners as they complete the London marathon course and graphic tickets with all the messages sent in by their loved ones. The finish area and the runners who will win the race is considered by many to be the event horizon. The London marathon results in the prior years are a clear manifestation of this assumption.

However, if you are outside of Europe during the day of this event, you don’t have to feel sad because there are more events to follow in 2018not forgetting other Europe events April 2018. If you are still not lucky, the London marathon 2019is coming and you can choose between being a runner or a fan. The London marathon 2019 date has been set for 20th April 2019. The best way of keeping track of this event, sport events and other international events 2018 is by having an event app or an ios event app where you can receive all details or vital event announcement in an area of interest. The good news is that you can have the event app free; you just need to download an event application of your choice then you can enjoy updates and benefit from the crucial information related to sport events near me, sport events today, event around me, events near me today, events this weekend, events near me, events today or even April events 2018.

In the meantime, all eyes are on the London marathon 2018, it is going to be spectacular. Picture all your events in Pictcha app.




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