April 25, 2018

2018 IIHF World Championship

It is the time for ice Wakings to go for this hot iced rival!

which is the IIHF world championship. The event center of IIHF world championships 2018 is going to be Tilburg, Netherlands. Ice hockey athletes are getting ready for this event which is one of the most popular events in Europe. IIHF world championships schedule shows that the event is going to be hold on 23–29 April 2018. Hockey is one of the favorite games in Europe as it is so exciting, full of tricks and physical anger. You may find the ice hockey news the hottest news in the event horizon these days. You can follow this popular sport match in Pictcha app, the app of event lovers. Pictcha is a new social network to share hot moments of events people attend. You can install Pictcha app and share posts with friends and other fans while attending events. So Pictcha , the event app can also help you follow events you like to see and couldn’t attend. Pictcha app is now available in appstore and named “Pictcha- All Events”.

Netherlands is one of the most expensive countries of the Europe which so many tourist wants to visit its different cities, especially because of so many events taking place there such as sport events, music events, art events and etc. here is the good news for the fans of ice hockey games. The IIHF world championships 2018 is going to be held in Tilburg, Netherlands. Tilburg is one of the beautiful provinces in south of Netherlands. Most people know Tilburg, Netherlands because of its ten-day-long funfair which is being held each year in July. You may know it as pink Monday. So this would be a good chance to get familiar with this amazing city as IIHF world championship attendance. If you hadn’t seen the city yet open Pictcha and seach for this and other locations you may like to view the events happening there cause Pictcha will picture all events for you.

Needed information for IIHF world championship attendance is available on the official sites designed for the April events 2018 or you can have all the details for sport events today by using free event apps. IIHF world championships 2018 is going to be hold during five days: April 25, 2018- April 26, 2018 – April 27, 2018 – April 28, 2018 and April 29, 2018. The competition of each day will has a winner and in the end the final IIHF world championship winners will take the place for ice hockey Olympics. Now all the teams are ready and all the selections for IIHF world championship are all confirmed. You can find the lists of IIHF world championship in the related event applications, IOS event apps or more easily on the web sites.

Europe ice hockey arena events April 2018 will be Royal arena (a new multi-functional arena in the city which is not so much far from downtown Copenhagen and even closer to its airport. There are so many hotels waiting to welcome the guests and fans of these Europe events April 2018. Also, the architecture of this arena by it-self can be interesting for the visitors.) and Jyske Bank Boxen (we can say it is the first indoor multi arena of its kind in Denmark. It has VIP facilities and so many artists had performances there. Also so many sport events of previous years and 2018 has been held here such as the Women’s World Championship in Handball in 2015, the 2013 European Swimming Championships, a number of concerts and large TV shows.)

Event planning shows that the matches RUS vs FRA and SWE vs BLR will be hold in Royal arena and the matches USA vs CAN and GER vs DEN will be done in Jyske Bank Boxen. If you are a fan of ice hockey Olympics, then you know that these IIHF world championships scores of events today will be the main factor to determine the qualification of teams to take part in ice hockey Olympics. As the ice hockey games are one of the greatest events to follow in 2018, these days people are also talking about the IIHF world championships 2019 which is going to be hosted by Slovakia. It would be a Bless for Slovakia that is chosen as an independent country to host the event for the second time. It may be interesting to know that these international sport events of April 2018 and 2019 (IIHF world championships 2019 and IIHF world championships 2019) has been scheduled in 2011.

In the end, you can have a very detailed schedule to attend these great international events and be a part of Pictcha team to promote the event for your friends and the ones who could not take part in the event. There are so many different sport event apps that have the full events announcement available. You can find the information about buying tickets and reserving hotels online for sport events this weekend. And if you are looking for a solution in order not to miss an event, should know that the famous event apps can give you all the information about “events this weekend”, “events near me today”, “event around me” and “sport events near me” which in Netherlands it will be all about 2018 IIHF World Championship Division II. Do not forget to share your moments with us and your friends on Pictcha.


By: Arezoo Naserolmemarin

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