April 15, 2018

2018 Caprices Festival

Let the 2018 Caprices Festival Brighten your April!

Are you thinking of ways to spice up your April 2018? Well, you should know that there are numerous April events 2018 organized in both Europe and other parts of the world. The question is, are you ready to grace all these events? If yes, then arm yourself with an event app or an ios event app Pictcha cause pictcha is a new social network for event lovers to share moments of cute events they attend with friends and family. You can create a page for your event in Pictcha and then all your friends can share their posts of the event there so do not hesitate to picture all your events in pictcha app , and you will always receive updates for all international events 2018 or more specifically, Europe events April 2018. Now, if you are wondering what to do from Apr 12, 2018 – Apr 15, 2018, we have you covered because one of the most popular events in Europe is coming. The event is none other but the caprices festival 2018. If you have not heard about it, here are a few things to note. For starters, the event is held annually in Switzerland and features concerts, entertainment, and snowboard competitions.

Most people describe the caprices festival as a mountain-top electronic music festival. Since its debut, the caprices festival location has always been at the Crans-Montana, Mollens, Valais, Switzerland. The unique position of the festival provides all attendees with an opportunity for having fun on the slopes and off them as well with runs for both the professionals and the novices. First-time attendees can always have a glimpse of how the other years have been by checking the caprices festival photos or caprices festival video; they all speak of fun and real entertainment. People who have attended this event in the years prior recognize the fact that they should always be on the lookout for two things: the caprices festival 2018 dates and the caprices festival 2018 lineup. These considerations should apply to all music events 2018 and the years to come.

Like earlier mentioned, the event will run from April 12, 2018, to April 15, 2018, with some of the headliners being Adam Beyer, a Techno Producer from Sweden and also the founder of DrumcodeRecords. Adam is also one of the Swedish Techno artists who made a debut in this genre in the 1990s. The other headliner that most fans will love is Ricardo Villalobos, an electronic producer and DJ from Germany. Most fans know Ricardo’s work in the minimal techno scene as well as microhouse genres nd you can follow many of such performances in Pictcha app the app of event fans. The caprices festival plan also features Sven Väth, a DJ, and Producer who has won three DJ awards. His lengthy experience in electronic music guarantees attendees of having a fantastic time during the event. Other significant headliners include Luciano, Monika Kruse, Ben Klock, Dubfire, and Paul Kalkbrenner. The secret is to check the dates that each of these artists will be performing. For instance, you can catch Ricardo Villalobos on April 13, 2018, and Adam Beyer, Ben Klock, and Dubfire on April 14, 2018. It is essential always to check out the music festival lineups 2018as it helps in making arrangement for tickets and planning the dates. Further details concerning the headliners, the event center, and any vital event announcement can be found at https://www.festicket.com/festivals/caprices-festival/2018/. However, the intensive event planning for the festival leaves no room for errors.

Now, as you prepare to attend one of the greatest events in Europe, you must be wondering, how do I obtain the caprices festival tickets? Well, it is quite easy, you can find the tickets at Festicket or ticketswap from as low as €101.23. Additionally, ensure to get the preferred tickets in advance to avoid the last minute rush which can also leave you without a single ticket. After all, this is one of the top music festivals April 2018or rather, music events tonight. The chosen ticket provides entry to any of the three clubbing venues in the event center. The first one is the Moon which offers a breathtaking visual and sound experience. The place can accommodate about five thousand people. There is also the MDRNTY which is an indoor venue but with an outdoor feeling because it features a huge transparent tent. It offers attendees the perfect opportunity of enjoying a panoramic view of the most stunning scenes in Switzerland. The CRY D’ER is the last venue which provides a place for relaxing while listening to the artistic choices. Each of these venues provides the perfect gateway to the event horizon.

As you plan to attend the music festival 2018, pay attention to other music festivals 2018 Europe that may be happening around you. Like stated above, the best solution is to download an event app free or any other event application depending on your phone’s configuration. That way, you will not miss any of the music festivals 2018. Some of the best search keywords to use when looking for an event include events near me, events this weekend, events near me today, events today, event around me or music events near me. These guidelines will help you keep tabs on all events to follow in 2018. For now, let us all plan on attending the caprices festival 2018, it is going to be amazing. Do not remember to share your nice moments in pictcha app. Pictcha app aims to remove the distance between eevents and fans and try to be the best event app ever.





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